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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Tomorrow's the Day

Wednesday is upon us and Ryan is almost ready to drive off into the sunrise, (he is heading East)...
Debating whether to rent a trailer or try to pack his stuff in his Rodeo. My 2 cents worth is to rent a trailer.
He had an oil change today and they checked his brakes... bad news, good news.
Bad news is his brakes are shot! Good news is he didn't find that out while driving over some slippery, wet mountain pass on his trek to Colorado!
Bad news is, he has no money(he quit his job a few months back) good news is, his mom and dad will bail him out! Hey, I've been hearing a lot about bail outs lately! :)
Ryan's girlfriend, just back from Colorado for her last two quarters at the U.W. (Yeah!) Came over to spend time with Ryan before his departure.
We took them all out to dinner at El Caporal. Our favorite Mexican restaurant.
We had a good time, don't know what came over my wife, but I liked it!
She got silly and let her "hair" down, as the saying goes! Really got playful. It was a riot!

We got a nice phone call today from Eric! It was kind of weird to answer the phone by saying, "hello?" and to hear your son calling from Iraq. It is thrilling and a moment of weird emnotions! Mostly good but still, it takes you a moment to realize that this is real and he is on the other end of the phone.
Everything o.k? is another thought that quickly and silently runs through the mind.
Sometimes I don't know what to say or talk about. We talk about small talk. Just to be "cnnected." About Christmas, the New Year, the weather, it is really cold in Al Asad at present, crystal cold, no change.
Eric is due to come home to the states in April. This is good news to us! He was scheduled to stay in Iraq until June. I wish he was here now. He is my son, I love him, I want him safe. He keeps us safe. That is a strange turn of events!


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Let us know when he makes it.

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