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Friday, February 13, 2009

Too Much Good Magic

Is there such a thing?!
I have a gig this Saturday at the Kent Nazarene Church. It is Valentines day as well. The group is a single group I will be performing for. I believe there Will be three churches singles ministries combines. Might be a large group.
I have 45 minutes which is my normal set, however, I am planning on introducing the Arrow Head Illusion to illustrate "putting on the whole armour of God."
That means something in my regular set must be taken out. I am also planning on performing the Anniversary Waltz for the couple that is hosting the event. Hey, It's Valentines day! Anniversary Waltz is a fantastic effect, something else must go from my regular set! AARRGH!
My cups and balls routine is 10 minutes, Cut it? OUCH! I love cups and balls! What about removing cut and restored rope and Lassoing a card!? OUCH again! Very visual magic! Plays big too!
I am in a quandary! How fun is that? To have too much great magic!


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