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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Week in Review

Wow, been some time since I spent any time posting here...
Don't know why that is.
Last Wednesday my friend Mike bought me a round of golf at Druidsglen near my home, It was a nice day! Sunshine and free golf! Got out of bed early, after four hours of what you might call rest, I did not fall asleep, and met him at the course. I didn't play very well but we had some laughs and a few good shots! I think I scored a 92, give or take. We also were able to sneak in a few extra holes, We got in an extra seven holes before it got chilly as the sun went down!
All week I spent gearing up for the Friday night gig at Erickson Theatre Off Broadway on Capital Hill.
I arrive at about 5pm for a gig that wouldn't start for me until 8:30. My nephew Lionel is a student at Seattle Central Community College. He is Majoring in film making and minoring in acting. The gig was to be some sort of fund raiser for his group. Also included would be the group Triple S dance company. South Side Sundays Company is a versatile dance company based out of Kent, Washington. Expressive, eclectic, and captivating, this dance company specializes in “informances”, informal performances, that range from comical and witty, to dark and intriguing. WARNING: Side effects may include momentary confusion, involuntary laughter, and the uncontrollable urge to move in random and mysterious ways.
I actually enjoyed watching them perform, they mixed dance with drama. I didn't care for some of the foul language used, but overall they were pretty good.
Also performing with us was the band, Soft Hills. About The Soft Hills,
"These Seattle artists create wondrous songscapes, featuring affecting vocals, sweet harmonies, gorgeous melodies and sensitively sparse instrumentation. The tunes from their new “Painted World” CD will envelop you in ethereal magic, colored with psychedelic swirls. This is indie folk-rock at its finest."
I really enjoyed their music.
O.k. my part in the gig was to emcee and entertain magically.
I introduce the evening at 8 pm with a bit about what was on the venue to a small crowd, or more to the point a small gathering of people, I think I counted 22 in all, including myself and the band members. When I performed the dance team, totaling six individuals upped the count to 28! Actually the total would have to be near 35. Not a great turn out. I was disappointed for my nephew Lionel. He put a lot of work into this evening. Two kegs of beer, wine and a lot of other things including a raffle that included messages, hand made bird houses and movie gift packs.
I opened my portion of the show with a new gag I saw Joshua Jay teach, the rock in the shoe. I walked onstage and began to limp, exclaiming I have a rock in my shoe, hopping on one foot, I take my shoe off to reveal an extremely large rock. Nothing, no expression from the audience, oh well, moving on...
I performed my regular set but ended with Sterling Dietz' torn and restored newspaper. It went great.
Actually my show was pretty good once the audience and I warmed to each other!
After the show, I entertained people in the Lobby with some nice card effects.
Somewhere in the evening, I performed card on ceiling for Lionel.(Lionel pulled a fast one on me, he signed my name on tha card haha) A small group of people had gathered, not knowing what to expect, when that deck of cards hit the ceiling with a loud Whack", utter astonishment and laughter ensued. I was asked to "do it" again!
My sister came over so I had her sign a card and promptly stuck it to the ceiling as well!
Before the show my sister and her husband arrived. We have been estranged for over three years. We have seen each other here and there in the last couple of years, at a family reunion and our younger brothers funeral. It is always awkward talking with her.
My older brother arrived too, he is Lionels father. His ex wife was there too. Quite a family affair! My brother and I have been somewhat estranged as well. Guess I have that effect on people. Sadly.
The story line in the torn and restored paper is very touching. My sister told me that it made her cry. This isn't the first time I have been told this by someone seeing this wonderful effect.
My brother helped me carry my gear, which seems to be increasing in volume... to my car.
He asked me if I have a lot of sadness in me. I told him no, not really. He began to tell me of all the sadness he carries with him.
I mentioned that I do have regrets, and sadness, but that I don't dwell on them. Life is short, I will be 50 next month and who knows how much time I have left.
I was happy to be able to share my magic and astound a few people, hear some laughter and put some smiles on some peoples faces!


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