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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Wow! Had a great performance last night for about 80 singles at the Kent Nazarene Church. I performed about an hours worth of magic and a Little bit before the show too. A great, respectful crowd. They were into it the minute I began speaking!
It sure is interesting realizing the different "people" we can perform for. This was a "Church" group. Well behaved, well dressed etc. This Friday I will be performing for a different set of people at the Erickson Theatre Off Broadway on or near Capital Hill. There will be a live band following my act, and a dance troupe before my act. I will be emcee for the event as well. My nephew informed me yesterday that alcohol will be available at the venue as well. This should be fun and challenging, stretching my wings too!
I introduced the Arrowhead Illusion to the group last night. In fact I closed with it. I used it as a teaching point for putting on the whole armour of God, Ephesians 6:10-17. I think it was well received.
Still, the cups and the balls seems to be the best effect I share, although the Lassoing a card gets great reactions too.
My wife has been joining more at my performances. That has been great. It is nice to not have to go it alone. I know I have at least one friendly face in the audience! :)
I also talked my daughter into coming to this one, she volunteered to let me use her for the arrowhead illusion! Believe it or not, that takes some guts!(She was great as usual and someone gave her ten bucks too!)
I know because I can see it in audience members faces when I invite them to join me in front of people.
Am still sweating bullets sometimes before a performance. Maybe because I don't do it every day, but it is a part time thing... I gotta tell ya though, I practice furiously before a performance, especially one in which I am potentially adding a new effect, or leaving something out.
Constantly worried about the flow of the show.
Usually, once I get rolling, things go pretty great!
Again no pictures to share for my faithful 3 1/2.
Last nights set:
Acrobatic Knot
Cut & Restored rope, Professors nightmare ending
Lassoing a Card
Floating Card
Vanishing Bandanna
Egg bag
Linking Rings
Cups and Balls
Arrowhead Illusion

I had planned to do the Linking Rings after the Floating card, but for some reason did Vanishing Bandanna. I didn't want the rings so close to the cups and balls. Both are fantastic "closer" pieces.
I once read or heard some magician say, Hey, it's o.k. if you have all closers in your act. That is a great idea, but still you want to routine them so they flow nicely. Not all Upbeat, not all mellow, a nice mix, an ebb and flow!
Don't know if I achieved that last night, but I had fun, they were laughing and clapping and smiling and cuttin' up!
What more could you ask for!?


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