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Monday, June 15, 2009

Relaxin' Evenin' Kabob!

To celebrate Ryan's 25th Birthday...
We debated whether to go out to dinner or BBQ...
Joan was out shopping so I called her and asked her if'n she would like to do Shish Kabob's for dinner?
We haven't done much shish kabobin in our BBQing, so it was touch and go... well we decided to do it and it was a nice blessing for us.
I fired up the old Hibachi pot that I repaired last year. I actually had to do some more repair on it last week as I noticed another broken piece of pottery. Saturday as I was preparing for all the guests, I decided to paint it too, it was nice day out and I had a can of green spray paint.
Looks almost as good as new.
Worked great too.
We enjoyed eating outside as the weather was perfect, about 70 degrees.!
it was nice to just have family around with Ryan. He has been running around all over town since arriving last Friday.
Him and Katie went for a short drive and when he got home him and I took a nice, needed dip in the hot tub as we had worked out earlier in the day!


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