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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Clown Alley!

Last night we enjoyed our annual picnic at the Fife Community center.
We had the picnic outside which was nice, almost got rained on.
Several alley members did some form of entertainment, me included. I performed a new effect I've been working on as a piece to use as an MC. It is a 6 card repeat effect. It went perfectly!
I also performed the cups & balls as many new members and guests haven't seen the effect.
It is amazing to perform this with people virtually right on top of you, and yet, they see nothing!
It to was wonderful.
A newer member did some nice magic with a Christian theme,
and our president did a wonderful, fun, story telling. She mixed up her words and this is called splinterism.
Maybe not?
Anyway it was really good and funny!
Our own Sean did a nice singing about rainbows.
We also did some sign language learning in fun manner. Learning colors in sign via tossing water balloons around in a circle, before you could toss the balloon, you had to sign the color. I don't know why, but I took a direct hit in the middle of my back with a water balloon. :)


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