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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Friends Wedding

Saturday Joan, Katie and I attended the wedding of one of Ryan's friends...
Matt and Jen. They were married in a park in Seattle, kind of an open area with lots of things happening around them. People riding bikes by, people playing volleyball, and one very strange thing happened. During the cutting of the cake ceremony, a group of about 15 nude bike riders decided that this was a good time to ride their bikes behind the wedding couple.
Many people laughed but I found it to be a rather rude situation. Yes, In some ways it is rather comical. But the bicyclists decided that simply being nude wasn't "statement" enough. One man, harry chested and over weight, stopped and pulled out a set of binoculars and peered thru them at us, it was like he was saying, "hey, if you're going to stare at us... I'm going to stare at you." I guess he thought he was something. But he fact is, they are all selfish and rude people, self centered, childish brats. One lady stopped an began waving at everyone and tried to strike up some kind of conversation.
The wedding couple handled it really well, but should never have been put in that kind of situation. IMHO!
I did a special magic effect for the bride and groom, it is called Anniversary Waltz. Both the bride and groom select a card, sign them and return them to the deck, I place the cards in their hands and magically the cards become one card. Like a married couple becoming one.
Matt and I had discussed doing the trick just for the wedding party table. I approached Matt after the nude bicycle incident and told him, "I don't think I can do the magic trick now." He said, "how come? I'm really looking forward to it."
I said, "How am I supposed to follow up nude bicyclists!?"
Anyway, I did perform the effect and at one point I looked up and noticed that the crowd had swelled to not only include the wedding parties table, but just about everyone else at the celebration. I got a little nervous but the trick went off without a hitch, at last that's true, but Matt and Jen looked wonderful as they become one!


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