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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Yesterday's fishing report.

Katie and I hit the Puyallup river again on Wednesday.
It was a beautiful day for fishing and the fish weer in the river thick.
Katie has been using and fishing rod of mine. I think it is a bit tip stiff, that means that it doesn't have very good "action" at the tip. Feeling fish strikes is more difficult.
Anyway, Fish were being caught all around us and I was looking like a fish catching machine.
My friend Rudy told me to be aware that when the rod tip stops bouncing, that is often a "pick up " by a fish.
The weight bounces along the rocks on the river bottom as your lure drifts down stream. This causes the tip of the fishing rod to bounce. Any difference in this bounce could indicate a fish strike.
I think I am one of those guys that often yanks the fishing rod when no fish is hitting it. But, On the other hand... I catch many fish as was the case yesterday. I caught seven, Katie one, and I lost a few as well.
We stopped on the way home at Fred Meyer. They have a wonderful "humpy rod combo" going on!
30 bucks for the rod and reel. The reel is a Shimano spinning reel and is worth the price alone!
We'll get back out there and see if she does better with a better quality rod!


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