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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Some people say the nicest things!

Got an email from a woman who is in my clown alley.
Her and her 15 year old daughter.
I am the secretary of our alley,
Here is the email:

"You do a terrific job with the minutes.....but....the presentation you made....was so awesome!
Thank you for your time, talent and dedication to bring a breath of fresh air to people's worlds when they get to be entertained by you. See you later."

Eileen & Felicia

It is nice to hear words of praise now and again!
I believe this was at our annual picnic gathering. Anyone who wanted to could do a five to ten minute gig.
Maybe something you have been working on.
I performed the six card repeat which Is new to me and then the cups and balls.
It was probably the cups and balls that "wowed" her.


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