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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

River Fishing

This morning I will be taking Katie fishing on the Puyallup River!
It will be a great time of learning for both of us.
She has not actually ever fished on the river, well... she did take a class at school that they taught her to fly fish. I believe they got to go one time, but there were so many students... I wonder how much actual fishing they got in?
A friend from work, Rudy Shimada has agreed to take us both on the Puyallup with him. We will be fishing from shore, casting our lures upstream and drifting the bait down stream. As your bait drifts, it bounces along the bottom of the riverbed, you can feel every rock the weight bounces off of. Often times these feelings feel like strikes from fish and many might be, you must give a nice yank on your rod, hopefully it will turn into a fish, run fish run...
Katie picked up a nice set of chest waders on Sunday, she looks ready to go in them!
I hope she hooks into a fish today!
Here is Katie with our catch!
She was the first to actually hook into a fish! It sure was exhilerating to watch her try to land it. That one got away, but later she caught one. Hers is the larger of the two.


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