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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tired but happy

Sunday/Monday long hour run...
Made longer by the fact that I went home after work Monday morning and hitched up the boat, woke Eric up, and took him fishing in Puget Sound.
We launched at Redondo and flew North to Three Tree Point.
Had heard good reports about lots of fish at Three Tree. Of course, I am usually a day late and a dollar short... this may have been the case again, as last week I wasn't in the mood for fishing, sometimes life gets in the way of pleasure...
Not that I would know, I mean, having spent several days in Hawaii and Los Angeles recently!
But you gotta fish when the fish are present, and I didn't do that this season.
Eric and I enjoyed the time together, smoking cigars, and Eric caught a 3-4 lb. Pink Salmon.
Pinks aren't the most liked salmon in the sea, but at least it created a little excitement on the boat!
I filleted the fish when we got home, got to bed around 2pm and slept to 6:15, had an errand to do for Tuesday.
So, here I am all tired and it's not even near the weekend!
Life is great!


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