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Saturday, August 22, 2009

This week

Well, here it is Saturday and haven't posted in awhile, gotta admit I am really tired right now!
Went fishing Wednesday and Friday. Wednesday we caught three humpy's. Eric and Katie and I. We tried to troll over at Pt. Robinson but gave up after a couple of hours.
Crossed the Sound to the Redondo side and tried our luck at catching Pinks, or also known as humpies.
I caught one on my second cast. I let Katie reel it in. We didn't have official Humpy fishing gear and I think we got lucky. We caught three and lost four. Called it a day.
Eric flew off to Iwakune Japan in the wee ours of Thursday morning. I got off work at about 6 am and he was already in the air.
I told him before he left that I already miss him.
It was kind of strange having him home for two weeks. He is such a man now. He looks great!
It took several days to get used to him being here, I think Katie and him had a great time together, just being, just going to the store etc.
When I got home that morning, I walked directly into his room, sat on his bed and got all teary eyed, can't really say why. He is not heading to Afghanistan, or Iraq where the chances of getting killed are greater. He is going to Japan for a year.
It should be a great time for him. I hope he has a blast!
Friday I stayed up all day, I lasted to about 7 pm. Fishing in the morning with Katie, and we took Cub, her dog.
We didn't troll too long, but we did try casting for Humpies for about two hours, we didn't catch any, I had one solid hit, but no hook up.
I don't think we have the right gear, so Katie and I stopped on the way home and picked up some two inch, and two and a half inch Buzz Bombs. All the pink ones were sold out so we bought some fluorescent spray paint and painted them pink.
Look out Humpies!
Saturday I had a show to perform at a four year olds birthday party.
Joan went with me and it was a good show.
Handed out lots of business cards and people always say they will get a hold of ya, we'll see! :)


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