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Monday, January 18, 2010

A Late Christmas Party! Haha

Saturday was an eventful day for me.
Lionel came over around 10 am and delivered the promotional video which I recently posted, how exciting for me. I think it turned out really great!.
Couldn't wait to share it with everyone so I posted it on youtube and facebook almost immediately.
Later that evening Joan, Katie, and I went to our friends the McDowells for their annual Christmas party. Usually this is a December party, but circumstances caused it to be delayed until now. Last year it was held in December, but because of the vast amount of snow... not many people braved the inclement weather to attend, for those few brave souls that did attend last year, I took the opportunity to perform some nice magic.
This year I didn't perform magic, just enjoyed eating and visiting.
My brother and his fiance came, it is good to spend time with my brother. We have enjoyed a strained relationship since the passing of our younger brother a couple of years ago.


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