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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Wow, been sometime

since I sharpened my fingers and sat down to type a post...
The weather has been mild, lots of rain and temps in the low 40's, getting up into the 50's..
I have been working on building magic busking tables lately, I guess I have this grand idea that people will actually buy them from me... this is the bane of my life, hair brained ideas... like building golf clubs in the past, I actually thought people would like to get a quality set of clubs for about a fifth of the store brand sets, clubs that are as good or better that would be custom fit to them. But people are funny, we get caught up in brand names, the showy commercials, and who is playing that particular model of this or that. Ooh, Ernie Els is playing that brand, or Tiger Woods hits "those" clubs well. What a joke... So, in my garage I have several sets of golf club irons collecting dust in my garage that I will have to sell at a tremendous loss, such is life...
And now I have about eight, very nice tables that I built to sell. I will be asking $200 each. I have several tables being used by members of the magic fraternity already, in fact three or four people own two. Not because they are poorly built, but rather to have one "here" and one to travel with.
Maybe it's because i am able to build them? Or maybe it's because I like wood working, or perhaps I derive joy from knowing that something I built is being used by another magician.
We'll see how this goes...:)
I have two gigs scheduled for later this month... a walk around gig at a senior center, it is my fifth or sixth time performing at this particular center. But, and I'm excited to say, this is my first walk around gig for them!
I am looking forward to it!
Also coming up is a stand up performance for a Cub Scout group. This should be a lot of fun!
Recently we published my "promo" dvd. I thought it would generate some gigs, so far, it hasn't although it may have helped solidify in some one's mind a gig I will probably be hired for in late March. It is interesting this "hobby" of magic. Haha... recently have been asked if I have insurance, do I use fire or any other dangerous elements in my show. Is my show "clean?"
The Marriott hotel wanted to see the contract between myself and my client.
All this is causing me to think and grow.
To be more informed about what I am doing.
I spent some quality time talking with my magic guru Tom Frank the other day, about all this stuff and some life issues as well. It was a nice conversation. I am happy to say I am feeling a lot more comfortable just being Tom's friend than ever before.
Used to be this sort of teacher/student relationship. I have grown magically enough to be more relaxed with talking with him. It is really great to be able to talk about things and be heard and understood, to be able to talk his language now because I have been in the arena. The performing arena that is.
On a closer to home note. Eric has been calling more often and he has been finally getting off base in Iwakune Japan to get in some snow boarding. He has about nine months left in the Marines, then... he says he is excited to come home and relax for a bit and perhaps take some college courses. It will be great to have him around!
I have been mightily blessed with strong, intelligent children. Watching Katie grow into a fine young lady is amazing! She is very beautiful, when I tell her this she is humble and blushes.. I went on a nice walk with her and our dog the other day, won't be too long and she will be off to college and who knows what all else. I can't believe the ammount of homework she has, and the difficult level she is taking. She is awesome.
Ryan too is growing rapidly. Soon he will be 26. He is finding out a lot of what it's like to have to support yourself. He is experiencing vehicle challenges and what a pain they are. The high cost of owning and maintaining a vehicle, wait until you have three of them! i think he is about ready to start a career. Don't know exactly what I mean by that, but he is finding out that he may want to actually use his college degree. He is beginning to want some things in life that are important and the fact is, it costs money. He is developing an Independence, and a not wanting to ask mom or dad for financial help. Pretty cool to watch your children develop and grow!
Besides all that, Joan has recently started taking another college course. It is keeping her running to the community college twice a week. Good for her!
I went golfing yesterday too. In the pouring rain. Had a blast at Riverbend. Funny but the conditions were pretty poor, but I laughed and had some awesome memory making shots, particularly out of some sand bunkers. Surprised myself with how well I play at times, and at other times, how poorly!
can't wait to get some sleep and see what the morrow will bring to our doorstep!


Blogger Tom said...

It was great talking you you the other night. I love ya man.

2:50 PM  
Blogger Timmy Jimmy said...

As well for me!

5:14 PM  

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