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Friday, February 19, 2010

Yin & Yang

Ebb & Flow, This N That, Give & Take...
Friday has been a GREAT day so far!
I got off work this morning at 6 A.M. and stayed up long enough to watch the Tiger Woods apology. It was good, but rehearsed, not much emotion, course I could be mistaken. Not an enviable position to be in.
He touched all the right "chords." I hope he is sincere.
But after that I went to bed, musta been around 9 A.M. when I lay down... wanted to get maybe 3-4 hours of sleep so I could enjoy some of the day and be able to sleep tonight. Sometimes this is impossible as I fall asleep and DO NOT want to get up! I enjoy sleeping, don't you!? :)
I mean especially that few minutes when you wake up and are still laying there and can actually feel the wonderful warmth and snuggleness of it! :)
I doubt I would have gotten outta bed early enough to allow me to fall asleep tonight, but a friend stopped by unannounced!
The door bell rang at 1 P.M. and I jumped outta bed, put on a bathrobe and went to the door, but our daughter had already answered it and handed me a dvd that a friend had dropped off. Well, I was having none of that, and knew who it was, Mark Jensen!
I called him immediately on his cell phone, he was still in my driveway suiting up to take a motorcycle ride!
I caught him in the nick of time.
He came inside and we enjoyed a nice three hour, magical visit!
I needed this. Since putting together the promotional video in December, I have been in a slight valley emotionally with magic, my magic, or lack thereof...
No performances, no sessions, nothing.
I have a walk around gig tomorrow. I have been gearing up for it by practicing, practicing, practicing...
And outta the blue my friend Mark arrives to give me some impetus.
Mark & I enjoy each others company on several levels. Simple levels, spiritual, physical, as in this realm as men talking to men, and magic levels too.
Magically we worked on some fun rubber band stuff. Mark is like a little kid with magic. This is very uplifting!
While Mark was over, my cell phone went off, that's a rare thing for me... it was another magic person!
Sweeet, Andy Van Ornum was calling me! This really fired me up.
He just wanted to talk for no reason other than to say hello.
I have met Andy on three occasions and haven't really developed any kind of rapport with him, although I would like to.
This call was really outta the blue.
Yin & Yang!
Andy is a relatively new student of magic, but my oh my, he is a student of Steve Dobson and has learned some great sleights.
I have emailed him a few times and tried to get together.
Him calling me is very uplifting, I am fired up about the possible growing friendship in the future!
Next weekend is the start of The World Magic Seminar in Las Vegas.
I haven't gotten the bug about it yet, No excitement at all!
I pre paid for it last year so I'm going, but none of my friends are going and so... I will have to make new ones!
Well, actually one friend is going, but he's bringing a lady friend and that kind of kills his freedom at the event...

Our daughter recently received a guitar from a friend who wasn't using it. She shared it with Mark and he got busy tuning it for her.



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