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Saturday, February 26, 2011


The love of reading is an amazing thing, and the consequences are always good.
I fell in love with reading at an early age. I wonder if maybe it has something to do with our mothers or fathers reading to us a bed time story? Nah... I fell in love with reading because my older brother John would come home late at night and turn on the lamp he had clamped above his bed, turn on his stereo (Too loud) and read science fiction books.
I hated that at the time. I learned to keep my mouth shut and sleep with a pillow over my head to keep out the sound and the light.Whatcha going to do? It was better than getting my ass kicked.
A few years of this and I finally read one of his sci fi books. I don't recall which one it was, (Elric of Melnibone comes to mind)but it started a love affair with first, science fiction novels, and then reading in general. It dawned on me that all knowledge is contained in books.
Today with video so prevalent, I find it interesting that my family, everyone of them is a reader. I was worried about Eric for awhile because he just did not like school much, but he is a very bright and intelligent person. I was very happy to find out that he loves to read. He really enjoys body building books at present. But I know that the joy of reading will ebb and flow and always be available.
As I delve deeper into the art of magic, I am beginning to read more. Reading magic books is difficult. Especially if they are teaching a sleight or a trick. Often pictures are drawn or shown and you have to turn the book upside down to get the proper view of the picture... now you cannot read the text that accompanies and explains the photo.
Some magical friends have told me that a nice way to combat this challenge is to read the text into a recording device and then listen to the words as you work the handlings drawn in the photo's.
Anyway, I am blessed to live in a country where reading is taught and available to everyone.


Blogger Gerry said...

Right, reading is great. I used to run the bookstore at our church. But now things are changing as people are reading e-books on smart phones and Kindles and so forth. Our church now has wi-fi so we can read the Bible on our phones. That and ordering from amazon, christianbook.com and others online is putting a lot of bookstores out of business. It's very hard for any of them to make it now. Even Border's filed for bankruptcy. I like the new tech stuff as even I like to read on my Droid X phone. But I find it kind of sad to see books starting to be outdated.

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