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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Near Death?

Can never tell, but all I know is I was vomiting (nothing came up) And lots of people were praying as our plane from Seattle to Palm Springs on Monday march 7th could not land in Palm Springs. The Pilot made TWO attempts and then G forced us back into the sky, not once but twice.
It was eerily silent on our plane as people were really scared. No screaming, no yelling, just "dead silence."
We eventually had to land in Ontario Cal.
My wife & I chose to get a rental car and drive the hour to Palm Springs, it was quite an adventure..
When we arrived in Palm Springs.... we had to go to the airport to get my golf clubs. I enquired as to how the flight from Ontario went. I was told that it was a good thing that we elected to disembark from the plane as everyone that stayed with the plane threw up... not only that, but it took three more attempts to land. I heard that after the 2nd (4th) attempt that everyone was screaming to have them "TAKE US TO ONTARIO!"
I don't know what to say about this, but it was definitely not fun being on an airplane and feeling that this could actually be the end...
I also think that this feeling of sickness carried over into our whole time in Palm Springs.


Blogger Gerry said...

Sorry to hear about that Tim, I like to work on planes, but keep my feet on the ground.

1:07 AM  

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