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Friday, March 04, 2011

World Magic Seminar 2011

Had a GREAT time at WMS.
It is kind of weird for me as I am not really looking forward to going right up til I get there.
Then I am there and I feel the love of about 500 or more magicians.
This is my third year in a row attending this incredible event.
I am beginning to look forward to seeing other magi that I am making connections with.
Mainly this year I was lured into attending by the presence of Master Magician Juan Tamariz.
I have never met Juan and at 68 years of young-ness... may never have another opportunity.
He is a spry, energetic waif of a man, but Oh my... can he magish!
Fool you right into shock.
I spent over ten hours in his magical presence!
I would love to sit at his feet and be mentored by him.
Not an elegant magician, but very elegant.
Diminutive in stature, but larger than life itself!
Relaxed at all times, and yet, so very intense. A master, a maestro..

I guess I'll just have to acquire all his books, magazine articles and dvd's....
And more importantly... STUDY, study, study...
What a treasure Juan Tamariz is!

My mentor from days gone by, Tom Frank Drove over from L.A.
What a special treat to spend some time with him.
Tom always greets me with a hug and a smile.
It was a fitting reunion of the three founding members
of what Tom eventually dubbed, "The Alki Magic Studio!"
It is hard to believe that four years (or is it five?) have passed since Tom Moved to L.A. and the Alki Magic Studio vanished into a long road trip and memory.
At the time I was saddened by this but also knew that it was a good thing, like the cutting of the apron strings of a mother and child.

I am always amazed at WMS.
The amount of talent is incredible, funny thing, but I am a small part of that magical talent there.
What I mean is I find it hard not to compare myself to other magicians, while at the same time other magicians are more than likely comparing themselves to me.
Must be an ego thing! Haha...
I blow some magicians away with some of my magic and am totally lost while watching others. I think it is just that we all learn different material and techniques, we are all on a journey and come into it at different angles and varying levels of interest.
Maybe... Maybe it is just me wanting to be the best?!
I have A LOT of work to do, and ironically at times I am doing it.
It is difficult to juggle everything and be a professional entertainer as well. Family, a job, husband and father...
But I try and try! :)


Blogger Tom said...

Lucky and blesssed to know you Tim. Thanks for lavishing me with your time.

I love you brother

the other TF

10:50 PM  

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