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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Catch of the day!

Left work early Tuesday morning to get after the elusive Blackmouth Salmon in Puget Sound... My daughter and I enjoyed a wonderful boat ride across the sound as the water was like glass. We put our two crab pots down and proceeded to fish. Got started about 5;15 A.M. My friend Dan the fisherman was there as well. We fished Pt. Robinson.
Immediately Dan caught a 13 pounder. Our hopes soared as we had a "pop off." The fish didn't hook up but it was a moment of anticipation and excitement. Dan caught another by 6 A.M. Wow. Been there done that! Since the limit is two fish per angler he was done for the day, he had a three hour wait for his grand kids to show up. Nice to be retired!
Katie and I continued our journey for the Blackmouths... We endured another pop off later in the day. We found a fish balloon floating in the sound, that is our "catch of the day" (see photo!)
Well things got better, or worse depending on your perspective and whose boat you might be in...
We went over to Dans' boat after checking out crab pots, they were full of female crabs, which of course we released to the murky depths of the salty water, of course Dans' Grandkids had each caught a Salmon by this time, and as we were saying our farewells they got another nice strike but lost it as the grandson was a bit lax in his reeling prowess. (he hit the bale switch releasing more line, hence the fish escaped). All this excitement caused me to drop our lines for a bit more fishing, so it was a really late day for this angler.
May go back into Lake Washington as the Sockeye season was extended a few more days.
Better luck next time!


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