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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Hot and Cold baby!

Sockeye run has been fun, Got six on Saturday, but the fish won on Sunday, no fish. We fished from 1 pm to about 8 pm with a break to buy some fish at Ivars on Lake Washington! My wife and daughter and my neighbors son went on our boat... well a new day a new dollar, My daughter and I went out on Monday morning, fished from 5 am. til 10 am... we caught 3 sockeye salmon... lost one and netted one that was floating on top of the water, it had a hook in its mouth and the dodger was still attatched to it... man it was a gift from God!
The water was nice, the weather just right and as you can see, Mount Rainier highlighted behind my daughter!
Going to fish in Puget Sound today, over at Pt. Robinson...
Looking for the BIG one!


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