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Monday, February 12, 2007

Monday Night Magic!

I finally broke down and attended the Monday Night Magic show held at 3rd Place Books in Ravenna. It is an event that happens on the second Monday of each month. The show started just after 7pm. I met my friend Steve Ameden there. Steve has been working on getting me to perform at the Monday Night Magic venue for a while now. I told him I would go and see what it is all about! So, that is what I did. I think I will be performing there next month on March 12th.
We were entertained by four magicians doing various bits of magic. Another friend, Roger Needham
was performing strolling magic before the show.
The performers were, Frederick, Don Bloomer, Philemon and Payne. There was a nice audience of about 25 people of varying ages. A pretty relaxed atmosphere to dip my feet into magically.
The venue is a perfect place for budding magicians like myself to get there feet wet and for experienced magicians to try out new material. The audience gets a free magic show, so it is beneficial for everyone.
Frederick started off with several effects, a card trick and a sponge ball routine with audience participation. Next up was Don Bloomer. Don did two effects, the first was an esp card trick that was nice involving a spectator. It was a nice effect. I liked it, but the place is noisy with the kitchen making food and preparing hot coffee drinks for patrons. Don could have been a bit louder.
Philemon entertained us with a trick that used the Deal or no deal theme from television.
He used five envelopes and had a spectator choose one and worked down to one envelope. Insde the envelopes were, two cents, a nickel, a dime and a quarter. The "money" envelope had a dollar bill which turned out to be a one hundred dollar bill. Needless to say, lady spectator got her two cents worth and Philemon kept his hundred. As a parting gift, Philemon gave her a lottery ticket for the next days lottery.
Payne, or Master Payne was next and he mentioned that he was trying out new material for next week when he will be in Venice Italy. Payne shared with us a coin trick that is a coins in handkerchef effect. I was surprised when he actually dropped the coins onto the floor. Just goes to show you, anyone can mess up. I'll get my chance next month! It is actually a beautiful effect. I'm glad he was able to get that performance out of the way. He then did a two cups and ball routine. Paynes masterpiece, the cups and balls. All went well as expected. That rounded out the evening.
Afterwards Steve and I enjoyed discussing magic and such for about an hour as I sipped on a carmel Macchiato.
The drive home found me making a detour over to the Fort. that is what my son Ryan calls the place he is living at with seven other young men! We jammed in his room with him on the guitar and his friend Vong and I playing harmonicas. I did several card tricks for Ryan's friends as well. Now I am at work. Quite a full day I must say!


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