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Monday, February 12, 2007

Weekend News

Friday was a looooong day! Got home from work about 6:30 am. Had to wait for daylight so I could begin to swing a hammer. Nailing up 130 fence boards took a long time. My wrist became sore, really sore. I am officially entering into geezerhood! The fence turned out nice though. It took me a good eight hours to nail up the boards and saw the top of the fence and another hour or two to finish the gate. It was dark as I finished the cutting of the top of the gate, my daughter holding a flashlight for me!

It is nice to be finished! Still some work to do on the chain link fence, mainly stretching the fabric and attaching it to the posts and top rail. A neighbor was supposed to meet me Sunday afternoon but... seems he forgot.
Saturday Joan, Katie and I took Cub to his dog obedience class at noon. The place was closed, no class because the instructor was sick. I cannot understand why no one received a phone call informing us that class was postponed. A simple courtesy over looked. There goes three or four gallons of gas in my gas guzzling suburban.

We went to our nephew Brian's wedding later Saturday evening. He married a lovely young woman named Misti!

The wedding ceremony was held at Bastyr University chapel. It is ironic because Brian used to go there for Catholic services. The place has changed hands and now it is a non denominational church building. The wedding was nice. Afterwards the bride and groom left thru the upraised arms of the guests holding sparklers. Here is a picture of our son Ryan and his date Miyoko.

The reception was a wild party affair held at the Lake Union Cafe. Open bar and LOUD music. Like I mentioned earlier, I am getting old. Once there was a time when I would have fit right in to this scene, not anymore. I have come to realize that excessive alcohol actually dulls the senses and is a depressant. Rather than heightening the experience it dulls it!
We enjoyed a prime rib dinner and family and friends.

I have been working hard on a magical effect known as the anniversary waltz. I wanted to perform it as a special gift for Brian and Misti. It was difficult to find the right time to share it with them. I also feel that they think of my magic in the realm of "uncle Bob's magic." This has been a concern of mine for awhile. Getting my magic to the next level. I believe it is there, but it really doesn't matter what I believe, it is the audiences perception that is relevant.
I did perform the trick for them, just the two of them, I was practically screaming over the loud music. The ending floored them both. Quite startling! I left them with a special souvenir/remembrance of their special day!


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