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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Magic In The Air!

Ta Da...
Today My wife and daughter and I went to Boeing's Flightline where I work and enjoyed the sunshine, the hot rod cars, (click picture to enlarge)
two hydro planes and lots of good food and fun. A live band played and after them, I did a half hour magic show. My set consisted of The Chinese Sticks,(click picture to enlarge)

The Acrobatic Knot, (click picture to enlarge)
The ring Rope and Wand, a paper Bag/Ping Pong Ball gag and the ever famous or infamous...

Cups And Balls.
(click picture to enlarge)

TA DA!!!
(click picture to enlarge)

I intermingled and did a few other close up effects, mainly the Crazy mans hand cuffs and the hot rod. Those crazy mans hand cuffs get the greatest reactions!
I wore a mic for the first time and it went really well. The show was fast paced, I didn't skip a beat. My chops were good and I think it was pretty entertaining. The one thing I would do differently is have the small children move further away from my performing table. They were right on top of it and people in the back could not see thru the children. I did however, invite everyone to stand and come forward and enjoy the magic. Many of the people were in chairs and didn't get up, so in a way, they only have themselves to blame, so there! I did ask one Small child to move back twice as she was leaning on my table, that's a bit too close!
I got lots of compliments afterward, mostly from adults who know me, but not that I do magic. It was quite satisfying. I am still very nervous before "I go on" and that is one reason I volunteered to do it. To get some Flight time and hopefully get over my nerves. It was all good. Many children stayed after and wanted to talk or were simply just excited by the whole event! YEAH BABY!


Blogger Ryan F said...

Hey pops,

Great lookin show! I have to say, you look pretty sharp. The black shirt and slacks is a good look for shows, very professional!

2:08 AM  
Blogger Solomon said...


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