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Monday, September 01, 2008

Friday Session

Met at Leslie T's home last Friday to session.
I arrived at 6:45.
Leslie is a gracious person. It was just a sweet, intimate session with Leslie and I.
We planned to go over some cups and balls as Leslie is trying to nail down a routine. Funny thing is, we never touched the cups and balls except for a few moments when I walked in.
Leslie walked me thru some nice stuff using Judy the mouse and also his nice "fastest trick in the world" using a rubber band.
We watched some video. Leslie is making a dvd for promoting his magic and teaching children. It is coming along nicely!
I gave him a copy of my dvd. We also watched it. That killed about an hour.
Leslie asked me to walk him thru a couple of false cuts, a table cut, and an in the hands one too.
I also showed him a Tommy Wonder effect. A card thru hank revelation.
His wife Sarah arrived home around ten pm.
Sarah is carrying their first child. I think she said she is seven months along!

We talked for awhile, and I performed card on ceiling and Anniversary waltz. Leslie wanted to know how to do card on ceiling so I taught it to him.
Anniversary Waltz really thrilled Sarah!
It was a good time, I got home around midnight.


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