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Friday, September 05, 2008

Leslie Thyagarajan; Magician for hire

My good friend Leslie!
Here is my friend Leslie from Idia.
He has many talents! Artist, child entertainer and soon to be a father.
I met Les a few years ago while I was performing magic at Monday night magic at Third Place Books in Seattle.
We have developed a good friendship based on magic and getting to know each other. The more I find out about this talented man, the more amazing he is!
I love his relaxed manner. Not forcing himself but rather, just nice and relaxed, being himself! The wonderful laughter of the children speaks volumes about him.
Les, you rock!


Blogger ruxeen said...

hello mr.Jimmy Timmy

Its a kind of surprise and joy to see in your blog about my long lost friend leslie.

As i have left the country in my teens i lost all contact with him, he is my very good childhood friend,could you please tell me how to contact him or convey him the message about this post to him,
you can contact me @ ruxeen@gmail.com

find me here.. www.ruxeenartgallery.piczo.com
your blog is very nice..i yet have to go through all..cheers..ruxeen

2:19 AM  

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