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Friday, October 03, 2008


Recently I was asked by a friend if the paste and cement job I performed on the 40 plus year old hibachi worked?
Well, Time will tell, but I have BBQ'd on it three times since I put Humpty Dumpty back together again!
Isn't that a wonderful looking fire!? I love steaks, and seafood and anything BBQ'd. Mouth watering! We cooked up some Tuna fish the other day as well. Turned out great. I don't know how long the Hibachi will last, but I'm gonna use it til it dies.

Yesterday I drove to my friend Mark Jensen's home. He lives in a beautiful home in Black Diamond.
I arrived at 11 a.m. and his son Spencer was home from school because of the flu. Bummer.
But I used Spencer and Mark to try out some new magic I have been working on. This was the suggested reason I visit with Mark. Mark has a very nice way with words. I was looking for a "way to go into it" so to speak with something I am working on with silks and transpositions.
After attending Ickle Pickle's workshop/seminar about a month or two ago, I picked up some of his items that I fell in love with.
It was really special for me to be able to actually perform for a child. Spencer is eleven years old. I felt sorry for him for being my personal guinea pig, but Mark assures me that he had a great time being the focus of attention.
He got to keep the life savers roll too! ;)
Mark and I enjoyed just talking magic and magic philosophy. We touched on selling yourself. This led to me asking him if he had the Michael Ammar book on magic. He does, so we opened it up to the section in the back and enjoyed discussing some points Michael shares.
This is great that sessioning for me has risen to a higher level than just learning a new card trick or coin trick!
I recently emailed Mark with some interesting (at least to me) thoughts on magic. Here is that email:
Right on! Thanks for the honest feed back.
I ask about the windows because it is something I need to really work on and be conscious of. I think one of the challenges with three fly for me is that I rarely perform it. Nor do I really practice it enough to be fluent at it. That's an interesting word. Fluent. Like learning a language. We often hear that someone is fluent in Spanish, German, Russian or something. Not just can they "get by" or speak it a little, but Fluently. Not like someone speaking "broken" English. I would like to be FLUENT in my magic. I am beginning to really enjoy the mind pictures that word is making for me. To be fluent at three fly three, or the misers dream, or fluent with the linking rings... Wow! That's a pretty cool concept. (to me).
Sometimes I guess, now that I think about it, I am doing magic in a broken English kind of way. Not good!
So, how does one become fluent at a foreign language? They immerse themselves in it in many ways. Take some "Spanish" lessons. Go to Spain and immerse yourself in the culture. As one becomes fluent, they begin to pick up different inflections and nuances to the language. Things like slang, or different dialects within the same language! Wow!
Just like making magic one's own.
Getting back to three fly...
Recently I performed it badly for a young lady. I somehow telegraphed the fourth coin. Right from the very "get go" she was aware of an extra coin. It was most likely because I tried to do something I was unprepared to do.
Tom once did a similar thing at one of his sessions. He performed Sympathetic cards without practicing in a while. He blew it and went into the kitchen to go thru it once and then returned and performed it flawlessly, but the damage had been done...
Becoming fluent I realize will be an on going forever process! I am looking forward to it!
Love ya man,
I think this can be applied to many areas of our lives, for instance, I lead a Bible study with several men on Thursday nights. We have several "new" Christan's attending. They are just learning the "language" of the bible and many of us are at various stages of "fluency!"
This is awesome!
By the way, as I was driving home from Mark's on Interstate 90. I saw a beautiful young black bear rambling along the side of the road. I have lived here my whole life, this is the first bear I have seen. It was wonderful!


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