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Sunday, September 28, 2008

In Case

You were wondering...
Thought I'd write to my faithful 31/2 people who read this blog...
Yep, it's kind of late, about midnight on a Sunday, sleep eludes me, my mind wanders down many paths, tried praying, but soon I lose the thread... thinking about the Boeing strike, now starting it's fourth week, no negotiations yet, no money, thinking of yesterday and the wonderful time we spent out on Puget Sound. Traveled across the bay to Blake Island. A private Island without roads, no garbage cans either. Pack it in and pack it out.
I think the Nez Perce Indians might own the island, not sure. Tillicum Village is there, it's a nice tourist getaway, with totem poles and wonderful Salmon dinner. They cook the Salmon over open fire pits of Alder wood as you can see. The Salmon fillets are spitted onto Cedar wood. Just watching the Nez Perce cook the food was tantalizing. Mouth watering, isn't it!?
The Island isn't very large, over night camping is allowed and they even have an area or two for groups.
Wild life is free roaming. We saw many deer as we hiked about. They were not afraid of humans.
Out on a barge tie up we encountered some Sea Lions enjoying some sun tanning!
Our son Ryan and his girlfriend Myoko enjoyed the adventure with us. Our daughter Katie came along as well. The weather was great, especially on the Sound at the end
of September!
Mount Rainier
is always a magnificent site. Just keeps you aware of how small we really are. We live in an exciting and beautiful piece of the world!
Nice sunset as we headed back across the bay to the Alki Boat launch!

Other thoughts include some upcoming magic gigs.
One in particular has my mind working overtime. I have been hired to do a "show" for some four year olds party, actually it is a favor someone is doing for me as they know I ma on strike and have no income temporarily, the actual birthday boy is turning one. I am told that there will be about twelve children ranging in age up to maybe twelve. Some adults will be there as well to be sure. I have been trying to put together a childrens show and it is coming along,. Basically I have lots of material but haven't put it into a cohesive whole yet. Wow! Stressin' over childs party!
The theme I guess is animals. This is actually a plus for me as I have been slowly working on balloon animals.
Why so stressed about learning magic for the real young?
I dunno, feels like a step backwards, and yet I know this isn't true. In fact it is a positive step forward to becoming a better artist and more rounded performer. I guess maybe it's just that to be honest, it's a lot of work!


Blogger Ryan F said...

Awesome day on the water. Real glad we got to do this!

9:41 AM  
Blogger Timmy Jimmy said...

Me too, it is makin some great memories!

10:33 PM  

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