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Friday, September 26, 2008

Thursday Qualatex

That is the type of balloons that animal balloon artist use. I bought a couple bags of the Qualatex balloons three years ago, My how time does fly! I have been wanting to get back into balloon sculpture but have also been thinking it is childish. I remember Tom Frank telling me how foolish that notion is and that the guys that make balloon animals are in high demand and make lots more money than the average magician!
Being a member of the Big Foot clown alley has rekindled my desire a little to pursue this venue!
Also, last week I got a gig at a senior center and the activities director asked me if I do balloon animals. So, it is time to learn this fun and lucrative art! I spent yesterday as a beginner once again!I realize one afternoon blowing up, tying, and twisting balloons does not a balloon artist make. But hey, it's a start!


Anonymous Dale said...

Welcome to the world of balloon entertaining. If you haven't checked out http://www.mbd2.com/forum/ then you should. It a community of balloon entertainers. or for more balloon instructions try http://www.mbd2.com/kidsstuff.html

12:11 PM  

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