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Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Tuesday evening I took a drive South on highway 18, I found myself at the Fife Community Center where there was already a nice gathering of Bigfoot clowns!
Roger Lander was already teaching some great balloon sculpture. Man that guys got some talent. He is an excellent teacher as well, very patient.
After Roger was finished, about an hours worth of teaching, I took center stage and demonstrated the sponge carrots I use in some of my shows. These are supplied by Dan Garrett. http://www.dangarrettmagic.com/
I also have a few sets of sponge banana's. I use carrots because they go well with my rabbit in the hat puppet. Carrots and rabbits, it fits! :)
I took several orders for carrots, bananas and pickles too.
Next month I Will teach the use of these fun props.
After I finished my demo, Sean Melicher taught us all about beginning juggling. Well you can imagine how funny this was! Sean has a nice low key teaching style as well, he started all us green horns off using silks. We would toss one in the air, then the other, we were instructed to "let em fall to the floor."
After a few minutes of this, we moved onto tossing balls in the air, first one then the other. These too we let fall. It wasn't long and soon we were tossing two balls and finally a few of us tried three. I did try three but didn't do very well.
More work, like a year or two might help! :)


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