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Sunday, March 15, 2009

I Was Giggling

As I drove away...
Last night I worked overtime, in fact it was all weekend....
When I work over time, I am the only Motive Equipment Operator on plant.
That means I have the whole plant to cover for fork lift operations, Towing of airplanes and perhaps some Mobile Crane work, never know what you're going to get on a weekend!
I had to do a lot of work "in plant"...
Normally this area is covered by six drivers, recently however, Boeing laid one of them off. Anyway, I digress...
I was working in plant and met some people I don't normally get to see. We got to talking and of course one thing led to another and, well, you know... I shared some magic with them!
It started out with a Hot Rod performance, and the Jumping Gems.
I left them gaping over those two items, but knew I would see them about three hours later as I would have to go back and move some more freight for them. I planned well and devious! Devious Nuka! Like setting up your prey! Haha...
An opportunity to get some practice in for an appreciative audience.
I started the next set out with the Biddle trick, Blaine called over another co worker, I think it was someone that he thought would be able to catch me out. His name was Dave, we call him the pest. An older gentleman that is sort of an intellectual. Left him speechless and he walked away.
My audience was now down to two. I performed a trick called One Eyed Jack Sandwich by Harry Lorayne, Blaine's eyes bugged out, then I dove tailed that into an effect by Jay Sankey called paper clipped, now he is muttering to his co worker, who by the way didn't have much to say, but just stared with his mouth open.
Well, I thought that would be my set, but as things sometimes go, another co worker walked over, borrowed my cards and proceeded to do a card trick himself, you probably know the one, where someone selects a card and loses it in the Deck, then deals them out face up, he deals your selection but deals past it, stops, and then says, "I'll bet you ten bucks the next card I turn over is your card." Of course this is a sucker bet, you've already seen your card turned over about three cards ago, anyway... Blaine bit, but without betting...
Since I had my "Magic Wallet" with me, I performed 'Marked For Life' and "Bizarre Twist."
Blaine again was speechless, his co worker said, "but weren't all those cards blue?"
As I was preparing to get on my horse and ride out of town (My fork lift)...
Blaine asked me if I do anything other than card tricks? Wrong question as I was wearing some rubber bands on my wrist. Like I said, I was loaded for bear! :)
Crazy man's hand cuffs three times, the last with his fingers.
I was going to leave it at that but now he says, do you do anything with coins?
So, for a finale, I performed a new effect I have put into my repertoire, It is Double Deception. Two spectators hold the four corners of a handkerchief. You freely place two fifty cent pieces on the hank, and proceed to visibly pull one thru the hank.
Their expressions were, well, Priceless.look at the photo above, the person bent over with a total look of bewilderment is the only picture of their faces that comes to mind!
I hopped on my forklift and drove away, silently howling with laughter!


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