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Friday, March 20, 2009

Not Feeling Guilty!

I was feeling a little guilty to be paid $175.00 for a magic gig for a friends parochial school.
I don't know why I feel like this.
But after performing, which involves so much more than just showing up and jumping up on stage and some tricks like a do...
I arrived at the church at about 7:40 am.
Had to unload the car of all the paraphernalia to make the show a success. My working table, sound system and all the props.
Setting up, testing the sound system etc.
I was ready to about 15 minutes before show time! All was in readiness.
The children began arriving about 8:40. This was the time I thought I was to start, but I am learning that when someone gives you a start time, it really means that is the time people will begin arriving!
I think there were probably 150 children and adults. The children were from kindergarten up to grade six, so my guess is age 5 to 12.
Mixed in were some teachers.
As the children began arriving, I found myself the center of attention, kids whispering, there's the magic guy, or there's the magic man, or Mr. magic. or he's the magician.
It is quite fascinating.
Many of them, especially the little girls, want to meet you, and tell you their name, so many names!
They were all very sweet!
The show went really well, some teachers were worried about holding the youngest ones attention for 40 minutes, I told them it will be a high energy show and it should be alright!
It was!
It was marvelous to be marvelous. The intake of breath, and the ooh's and aah's when the knot jumped from the white rope over to the red was a nice indication that they were all paying attention!
It got better from there!
We all had a good time, we all seemed to just be enjoying sharing the magic and the moments.
Fresh faced kids! Wish we adults could remain that way!
I am glad that I put on a good magic performance for them. It is important to me to be a good magician. For many, this was most likely their first introduction to magic and a magician. As I perform magic, I am cognizant of the fact that I represent all magicians out there, And that for these young minds, I am their first impression to this great art. I hope they all had fun, I think they did. All I have to go by is their reactions of laughter, wonderment, their applause, and of course their innocent, childish smiles!
Also, being asked by several if I could come home with them, and perform at their birthday party doesn't hurt either!
As I was driving home, having realized that I was pretty tired, (A one hour performance, which in real time took about four hours. Driving time both ways, packing and unpacking and setting up and tearing down.)(These hours are normally when I am sleeping) It dawned on me that I had earned my pay! No reason at all to feel guilty for doing a job well done!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tim, my friend, you are way under selling yourself. I see that this was for a friend, don't feel guilty for the 175.00, you could and should have easily gotten at least 3 times that for performing a show for 150 people. I perform small shows for that, any time the sound system, the price goes up. I charge anywhere from 150.00 to 600.00 for a show depending on size of crowd, ages,where it is, how long they want and if sound is needed. I do on occasion cut my friends a break but I never do free shows for them. I used to but a 30 min show would turn into a 2 hour ordeal, also folks are more likely to appreciate something if there is a value to it. My friend Steve Olsen taught me that when I was getting my feet wet. You should account for wear and tear on the system and a portion of the extra fee should be set aside for repair and replacement of said system. You should also take in account the number of people at the show. A another thing to remember is to clarify the start time, your time is valuable too. There may be times when you have multiple gigs on the same day, If one show starts late, the other will be effected. This has happened to me, not pleasant, clients do not like to be kept waiting. from the looks of the pictures the show went great, would love to catch your show sometime. I am hoping you can make the Tacoma Magic club meeting this Sunday!!! Keep up the good work, Hope to see you Sunday!!!!

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