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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Big Green Egg Table... Weeks Later


Yesterday I got up early, 11:30 am, which is about four hours into my sleep... Yech... but for a Good reason! :)
My friend Jay Brunner was coming over at noon to help me (or should I honestly say, for me to help him!?) Put the tile onto the table for my Ceramic cooker.
Last time we got together to do this was really cold outside and we had a lot of trouble cutting the ceramic tiles.
We (He) did a much better job this time.
We got all the tiles cut and cemented in to place on the table. Now we will let it sit over night and "set up."
Today we will grout between the tiles finishing the project.

I can't wait to get the "Egg" back up onto the table as it is sitting on my deck and is not as much user friendly as I would like!
So, after waiting about a week for the grout to dry, and after putting some kind of sealant onto the grout, here is the table today!

And of course, it looks even better with smoke spewing from the top, meaning something delicious is being cooked inside. In this instance it would be some Coho Salmon!

I think it looks great, In fact the top is so nice, now I want to do something with the lower section?
Hmm, never satisfied am I!? :)


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