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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Friday Golf

I went golfing yesterday after work with my friend Mike.
We got on at Riverbend golf course in Kent.
It was a nice, chilly day. We have been experiencing a lot of rain and cold weather. Could someone tell Al Gore to turn on the heat!
We could use some global warming or climate change in these parts...
I started of well with a par on hole # 1. bogeyed two and parred the "Ted" hole. I call every hole # 3 on a golf course the "Ted" hole. My brother Teds, (may he rest in peace) favorite # was the number 3, after the great Babe Ruth. So to keep his memory alive, I dedicate every # 3 hole while golfing to him (If I remember, and I usually do)...anyway, I had a great time, and shot an 87. Could have been much better but I blew up on # 17. I am stiff and sore today but if I can get out and golf more often... that should take care of itself.
I am wondering how the weight loss of the past several months will help my swing. I am at present about 182 pounds. I made it up to about 197 last year and was contemplating going over two hundred just to say I did, But decided to push myself away from the table a little sooner. I also stopped eating large quantities of ice cream after work in the morning right before bedtime. I think this is the most significant factor in my weight loss.
Now I think I need to actually begin lifting weights or at least doing some sort of limbering exercises...


Blogger Gerry said...

Ice Cream is still my greatest weakness when it comes to eating healthy. I don't even want to know what I weigh right now. have a nice week Tim!

9:26 PM  

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