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Monday, April 18, 2011

Magical Weekend...

My niece Heidi
turned 30 about a week ago, that's a trip in itself... just yesterday morning she was born... I guess I was 22 at the time... anyway, she has had a run of bad lick... mostly self imposed... her son Isaih turned 11 Saturday,

and she asked me last week if I could do a show for her and him as she was broke...
I told her no worries as I would gladly help her out.
I haven't really performed for a group since December... Geesh.. that's way to long, so I polished off some magical apparatus and drove the 25 miles to Puyallup.
I performed my "children's" show,

and it was a good, fun time!
My favorite part is fooling the adult parents of the children, I think they think that since it is a "Children's" show, that somehow they won't be baffled. The looks on those adults faces is priceless. BAM!
My wife Joan went along and took a few pictures...

Later that evening Joan and I went to a Pub in Renton known as Jacks. We met up with about 60-70 Renton high schoolers from the 1970's... We had a good time. This evening get together was set up because of someone on Facebook doing something. Years ago there was a pinball hang out called Fumo's in Skyway. We all hung out there in the late 70's playing foosball, pinball and smoking pot.(And some beer as well...)
So thru facebook, we all, whoever wanted too, came out and partied and reminisced.
Because of the nature of the event, It not being a Reunion of one class year. I got to see people I haven't seen in 30 years.
What a great time, lots of smiles and laughter.
And yes... I did some magic as well.


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