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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

I'm 18 and I Like It!

Wow, today was Katie's 18th birthday...

are you kidding me... another adult in the house!
We had a little celebration for her as she was going to her youth group meeting at our church's parsonage... so I had made plans to attend Renton High Schools 100 year centennial planning meeting.
We will celebrate Katies birthday this Saturday.
I have been attending the centennial planning meetings in hopes of using my magical talents in some capacity at the event.
I do not know if that is going to happen. After the meeting John Taylor, Kim Sargeant,RoseMary Castillo, and I went to some Irish bar in Renton.
I was asked to do a magic trick or two and well.... how do you get a magician to do a hundred magic tricks? Ask him to do one...
I had brought an eight foot length of rope with me and some scissors, the fact that I was carrying full size scissors was reason for a bit of laughter.
I performed the cut & restored rope and Professors Nightmare for my small contingent and a young woman stopped to enjoy the "show."
She came back with several others and I entertained them all for about 30 minutes with coins, cards and rubber bands.
After they went back to their table, I did a card on ceiling effect for RoseMary, she loved it... Then one of the waiters stopped by and I did a very nice card in box rise that happens in his hands. Everyone went wild. It was eery.
He told his manager who came over and so I did a nice four person poker mental routine to cap off the night.
I think the best part for me, other than the fact that I nailed every trick tonight, is that the people at my table enjoyed watching me perform for everyone else. They got to watch from a slightly different perspective and had a great time.
As We were leaving, we had to pass by the table with the four people who came by and enjoyed my love of magic. I paused and thanked them for letting me share my passion with them, they all stuck out their hands and thanked me in turn, one young man even said, "you are a great artist."

I love magic!
Back to the birthday celebration, since Katie's Birthday arrived on a Wednesday... we chose to celebrate by going out to dinner on the following Saturday, (Which as I type was three days ago now, I know, I am not updating this blog like I should)..
We went T P H Changs in Bellevue.

We had a wonderful time and laughed, ate and drank, Happy Birthday Katie. You ae well loved!


Blogger Gerry said...

Happy Birthday to Katie! Sounds like a nice time, and a good picture too.

Also, there is a FWHS "76" 35th reunion on July 22 in Federal Way. I don't know if your wife cares about that stuff but let me know if you want the details :)

3:51 PM  

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