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Friday, April 22, 2011


Four the last four weeks I have been meeting with several people interested in networking.
We meet every Thursday morning at 7:30.
This is a little rough for me, but doable.
I am trying to get my magic career, such that it is, off the ground.
I would love to perform more often.
Many reasons for this.
It will make me a better performer and person.
I will make some money which helps pay for the props I buy.
I will spread joy and laughter and wonderment in the world.
This will be the main reason, I love to bring happiness to others and potentially change their day and their life.
As Jackie Gleason used to say:
The idea behind this networking group is people come together from many different business, each one exclusive to this group. No two alike, we refer each other whenever possible.
I am not only hoping to increase my performing opportunities, but make some life long friends, and help some of them increase as well.


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