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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Session In the Magic Room

Last night Jose Floresca and Mark Jensen came by.
Jose was doing double duty as we are remodeling our kitchen soon and we want him to install the new cabinets and appliances. So, since he was driving all the way out here... we thought it would be good to have a small session.

We had a good time, reminiscing and shuffling cards. I did Whit Hadyns' Teleportation device for them, and although it is still "rough" it was fun to do. Mark did a nice piece with some magic smoke and taking away my fears.
Jose performed some coin work and it looks good. He is working on an Ambitious Card routine as well. Just after 10 pm I had to let them know I had to get to work, what a bummer, seemed that things were just beginning to heat up!
It was nice to use the magic room for another of it's intended purposes.


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