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Monday, September 22, 2008

Busy, busy, busy...

Well, the hibachi is back together, I don't know how well it will hold up. I think it cracked for a couple of reasons.
First, it is probably 50 years old, and sat in a garage for all those years. Second, it is made of clay, not ceramic. The fluctuating weather and heating it up when it is cold outside probably isn't good for it. I BBQ all Winter long you know! So, I will be trying it out soon and maybe give it another coating of repair goo...

The magic I did for the Renton High School class of 1978 went extremely well. I did walk around magic while people arrived and enjoyed a few drinks during "happy hour." Karen, the woman that "hired" me had sent a confirmation form to everyone that pre registered. In it she mentioned something about Tim Flynn, a 1977 Renton alum performing magic. So as the evening progressed many people were asking when the "show" was going to start?
I mentioned to Karen this, we were concerned that most people would not want to sit and watch a show as they would be more inclined to want to catch up.
However, I planned for this contingency and had all my stuff available and set up in advance. I even brought my sound system and it too was all connected and ready to go.
The event was held at a place called the "Big Picture." It is a bar and restaurant in The Redmond Town Square. There is a theater there with a stage.That's probably why it is called, The Big Picture! While I wasn't able to use the stage, I did set up below, and about 75 to a 100 people enjoyed my magic act.
Since I knew most everyone from high school, it was an interesting show with plenty of fun by play and jabs and good natured barbs on both sides.
Lots of laughter, and I got good revues.
Chinese sticks, Acrobatic Knot, Cut and restored rope, lassoing a card, Floating card, Vanishing Bandana, and the Cups and Balls.
Karen picked up a nice "magic" hat for me and sewed a rabbit on it with a sign for tips. The hat and I netted $166.00!!!
I hope someone took some decent pics.
Walk around effects included, Marked for Life, Crazy man's hand cuffs, the Hot Rod, and some various other card effects.
After the Big Picture shooed everyone out at midnight, several of us went to another pub and I entertained some there.
I got home around three a.m.
Sunday we attended the wedding of our friends Larry and Vicki's 21 year old daughter!
Nice wedding and now they are empty nesters.
Watching Larry give away his only daughter was difficult. Our daughter is 15 and that day will be upon us one day.

But, that is as it should be!
Got up early, couldn't sleep anyway. Woke up about 5 a.m. and decided to get up and take a shower.
Met up with the svelte one. Steve Ameden at Maplewood golf course. The day started out rainy, but as soon as we were ready to tee of at 8:45... no rain and later it got nice and sunny!
I parred the first three holes and played fairly steady for the 1st nine, scoring a 40. But the back nine my lack of sleep affected me, my shoulders got stiff and I shot a 46 for a total of 86.
We had a good time and lots of laughs and it is always a pleasure to be with Steve!


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