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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dear Mr. Obama

We have over 700 comments posted now, and approving each one has been laborous and intersting.

I promised this man's father I would ensure that no disrepectful posts would be approved. I have kept my word.

But I have more commercials on the issues I want to create so I have to shut down the comments section.

In all, about 75% of the comments were positive and supportive, 15% were disagreeing but respectful, and 10% were ugly, demeaning, rude, and hateful. So much for HOPE.
weneedmccain (5 days ago) Show Hide Marked as spam Thanks everyone for your posts, your passions and convictions.

Democracy, freedom, war and all the baggage that ocmes with it are complicated issues.

I wish everyone would search out the facts and not listen to the propoganda on both sides of the isle to find the truth.

In the course of history, we have set many nations free, and it has always carried with it a price.

I support McCain simply because he loves this country and puts it first.


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