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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Good Thing

I'm turnin' 50 this Saturday!!!
Why is that a good thing?
Because my lovely wife decided to have a few people over to celebrate and that means we have to hide things, er I mean to clean the house up a bit... :)

We have lots of interesting things that we have gathered in the last couple of years. Things from my wife's parents home and things form Ryan moving to Colorado.
I have Craigslisted some stuff, with some success, we are now tossing stuff and re organising as well.
hahahaha... One way to motivated to clean the homestead!

Last Sunday, after church, I drove to Tacoma and attended my first Tacoma Magic club meeting.
It was a good time, lots of quality magicians, guys like Steve Dobson, Rick Anderson,and John Villareal to name a few. The meeting lasted two hours because the restaurant was closing at 4pm. Some of us headed across the street to a piano bar. Sessioned a bit with Steve Dobson and a man named Brian. John Villareal joined us, but he was engaged in conversation with a guy named Mark. Mark is a chronicler of magic and magicians.
I was the new guy as well as Brian, and a man named D'orr.
Brian has some really nice card work as is to be expected because he is a student of Steve Dobsons.
I met D'orr two weeks ago at my clown alley meeting. He is FIRED up about magic! He called me Sunday evening simply to talk magic because his mind will not shut it down! I remember those wonderful days! His excitement is catching!
After I got home I took my family out to dinner to Mercer Island to a restaurant called the Islander.
My friend G.G. Green was performing walk around magic there.
We enjoyed a good meal and then spent about a half hour with G.G. as his shift was ending.
He performed some great close up for us.
Chosen card in M&M's pack, Charming Chinese Challenge, which is a three coin routine where three coins are threaded onto a ribbon, and magically removed! G.G. also performed a nice sponge ball routine!
Too bad I had to end the day at a place called work.


Blogger John said...

Great to have you at the meeting, loved what I saw, you put me to shame. Sorry about getting to involved in the coversation with Mark, he and I are magic, movie and wrestling nuts

4:21 AM  
Blogger Timmy Jimmy said...

Ah well, it was an opportunity for me to rub elbows with Mr. Dobson.
I think that is the 2nd time I've ever met him.
Would love to session with you. You are a magic disciple of Rick Anderson, doesn't get much better than that! His ring routine was great! I also snuck a peek into your magic case, you got a lot of stuff going on!

4:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you don't look a day over 50 thanks to JUST FOR MEN's hair dye!

happy birthday!

6:14 PM  
Blogger Timmy Jimmy said...

That and Geritol!
I received my AARP offer in the mail yesterday, those people are on top of things! Haven't even waited til I get there!

4:52 AM  

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