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Friday, April 03, 2009

Oh My

Wednesday began starting to lift some weights again, I got on the scale at 194 pounds.
No wonder my knees hurt! Actually on Feb. 7 I started taking Celladren for my knees, seems to be working.
So, I spent ten minutes on the recumbent bike, and did three sets of pull downs for my triceps with 40 lbs.
Three sets of curls with the 40 pound bar and three sets of bench press with 80 pounds. The sets consisted of ten reps each.
I put this here now as a starting reference point.
I purchased the P90X a few days ago and am expecting it any day in the mail.
I guess I will have to take some before and after pics.
P90X is an initial 90 day program.

Since writing the above several days have passed, I have done two more simple work outs similar to that above.


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