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Friday, April 03, 2009


With Easter Sunday rapidly approaching, I thought it would be good for our men's bible study group to watch The Passion of the Christ.
It is hard to believe that this great movie came out five years ago in 2004.
How time is flying bye, bye!
Three of the men in out study group had never seen the movie, one had seen it, but not really as he admitted to falling asleep during it. How could you fall asleep during this movie? I asked him. He replied that he had been drinking and passed out... O.K....
Anyway, we all enjoyed watching this movie. It brought out many emotions and thoughts.
There were nine of us that partook of this movie. We are all at differing levels of Christ awareness as we travel on our walk with Him.
It was very interesting to discuss the film afterwards with some of us "drinking milk," some of us "eating porridge" and some of us "chewing on meat."
What that means is that we are all needing food, but different types of food so that we can chew it up and digest it and use it later.
Spiritual food is what I am getting at.
We were all fed by this movie, where we each individually are at.
That is awesome!
Like God's word the bible, it feeds us where we are are at!
We spoke of the cross that Jesus bore up the hill to Golgotha. How it was a heavy burden for him. How it was not His cross to bear. How He did not want to bear it (Take this cup from me). How he bore it anyway willingly,(Father,not my will, but your will be done)He showed His obedience to His Father.
How he stumbled carrying this heavy cross, and He did not ask for help, but nonetheless, He needed, and received help to carry this heavy burden.

We discussed how it was not just Jews who crucified Jesus on the cross, but how gentiles were responsible as well. (All have sinned and fallen short)
How this inclusion of everyone points to how His death and resurrection cleanses all.

Many of the same people that welcomed Jesus into Jerusalem as the Savior, the King, the Messiah just a few days earlier, are the the same ones that condemned him later and screamed for His crucifixion. How this image is an image of many of us who proclaim Jesus as Lord, yet we turn our backs and spit upon Him by continuing in our sinful ways, or as Peter did, deny Him to the world.
We all are guilty of these things at different times.
And yet...
God sent Him to do this very thing, for us, all of us.
So that we might know, and become one with Him for all eternity.

A very powerful movie.
See it again!


Blogger John said...

Tim I agree with you on this film,this is a good movie, If one wants to understand what our lord and savior went thru for us they should see this movie. It is not for the squeemish. I cannot however get my wife to watch this film due to the graphic violence and butality.

7:21 PM  

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