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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

That Time of Year!

That time of year around here is...
Salmon fishing time...
In years past I have spent a lot of time, money, and energy fishing in Puget Sound on our 16 foot Arima boat. Every year I have to 'dig' the boat out of the garage amidst the clutter that has accumulated over the winter and spring months.
Most every year it is a challenge to get the kicker motor to work properly, this year was no different, although the first time out on the Sound the kicker motor purred like a kitten. But when I got home and flushed it with fresh water, it decided that it has had enough! It stopped spitting water and my neighbor Andy, a wonderful mechanic happened to be watching me clean up the boat and flush the motors. We took the motor off the boat and took the "head' off. We found a small hole in the cylinder.
NOT GOOD! The motor is shot. Dead, kaput...
With the high cost of running a boat, launch fees, clean up time etc... I am beginning to adopt the idea that fishing in the rivers is the way to go.
It saves me time and money, and I still catch plenty of fish, if not more. I just need to learn more about the times the different types of Salmon run.
And of course where and when to go fish for Steelhead.
Our children are beginning to learn this fishery as well.
It has been fun teaching them these methods, which I too am just learning, and also how to tie your leaders and hooks and fishing tackle.
I am pretty tired, worn out doing all this fishing, but it is living life and working to get better at something, spending time with your children and I love smoking salmon and giving it away.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

I had the opportunity to meet Hall Of Fame Basketball player Nancy Lieberman.
Some might say something like, well, you didn't really meet a Hall Of famer, I mena, she's a woman." I mean had she competed against men, she wouldn't have made it in the HOF!" And they would be partially correct, she is a woman. But in many respects Nancy's road to the HOF was much more difficult and was a harder path than many men's, simply BECAUSE she is a woman.
It was a pleasure and an honor to hera her speak and get to meet her.
I took our 18 year old daughter with me and I think she really enjoyed meeting Nancy as well.
We also enjoye dthe Seattle Storm game which the Storm won by a two point margin. It was my first Seattle Storm game, and I'm glad we went. We had a great time!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Magic, More Magic, and Work Magic

Today is Sunday, August 21st 2011.
I recently returned from my first visit to Magic Live in Las Vegas.
I do not understand all that Magic Live is, but it is a magic convention that is hosted by the editor of Magic Live Magazine, a Man named Stan Allen. He is an excellent magician.
The convention was a blast. I got to meet many world renowned magicians, men I have long admired and aspire to emulate. One day!
The week before the convention I had two gigs lined up and one was at a church for their Vacation Bible School (VBS) program, and the other was a home party for a twelve year old birthday party. Both shows went really well, although I felt I struggled thru the VBS show as they only wanted a half an hour. Believe it or not, a 30 minute show is more difficult than my 45 minute to an hour show!
I have found that it is harder to remove stuff from my show. I have developed my show so that it has a certain flow to it.

The Humpy's or Pink Salmon have arrived in Puget Sound in very large quantities. I had been fishing for them as well prior to leaving for Las Vegas.
Some days are successful and some not. I took our son Ryan fishing the day before I left and we got skunked. We saw many fish being caught around us and this gave him the bug.
Something interesting he said to me as we fished amongst many other anglers.
We were waist deep in Puget Sound, looking down the line of fishermen, boats out in the water casting their lures towards us, we along the shore casting our lures towards them... Hills with homes surrounding us, the sun shining brightly, skies clouded but bright... hills all around, out in Puget Sound many islands in view, Ryan says, "Dad, if you didn't know where we are, this could be Peru or someplace exotic." In actuality, we live in a very nice exotic place!

So I arrive in Vegas with my magical friend Steve Ameden. We stayed at the Orleans Hotel. Everything we would need is in that hotel. Restaurants, bars and rooms for lectures and magic. A nice theater too.
Like I said I got to meet and session with many Giants in Magic. Bill Malone, Michael Ammar Daryl Easton, and on and on the list goes..
I arrived home Thursday afternoon knowing that the next afternoon I have a gig at Aegis Assisted living facilities. I arrived early to check out the venue. Am informed that they want me to do a 30 minute walk around outside before doing a 30 minute stand up show. That's fine by me, but they want me to perform my stand up show while the residents are eating dinner. I advise against this. I'm performing magic, if person looks down at their plate (and they will ) to get a fork full of food, their concentration is broken. I am over ruled so I go ahead and do it their way. As expected, many residents missed the magic. Many did not even turn their chairs around to watch, heck maybe many of them are unable to turn their chairs around. It was a disappointing show for me. Sure I got paid for it, and sure some of them got to enjoy it, but I will never perform while people are eating dinner again. I will take control and not allow it. Interestingly to me, a one man guitar/singer was on before me, they sat the residents in a moon shaped circle around him, perfect searing arrangement for my stand up show. After I finished another "band" of two people played banjo's guitars and sang, again the residents were arranged in perfect half round seating to be able to see them.
What is interesting to me is, it's MUSIC. It doesn't need to be seen to be enjoyed!
So I continue to learn and grow!
Here are a few pictures of happy people I entertain.

The next day I have another in home show. This for a fellow that I work with. He has hired me to perform my magic for his 15 year old daughter's birthday and some family and friends. I estimate about 15 people in all.
I rocked the house and blew their minds.
It was a great day. In fact on the way to that gig, while stopped at a red light. The fellow in the car next to me sees my magic signs on my car door and motions for me to do something for him. I was ready and performed a quick rubber band melting thru another. His eyes popped out of his head, he smiled big, got out of his car and asked for a business card.
That was really fun!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fish On, Fish Off

Took Katie Fishing yesterday,
It was a beautiful day on Puget Sound...
We trolled for "Kings" early but had no luck.
We watched as many anglers were fishing near shore for the "Pinks" or "humpy's" as they are called.
Supposed to be a banner year for Humpy's.
As we did not have any luck with the "Kings" we fished for some Humpy's, we caught three and called it a morning!

Sunday, August 07, 2011

A McDowell Wedding!

Drove up North toFerndale Washington Saturday morning. About a 2 1/2 hour drive.
Was a very nice day.
Our friend Scott McDowell was marrying his long time sweet heart Malia!
Scott is the son of our long time friends Dale and Gene McDowell.
The wedding was a shoe string affair, and I do not say that in a derrogatory way. Just that they are a young couple and have been attending college most of their adult life and they did not want to burden their families with a huge wedding day expense.
They did most of the work themselves along with some great help from friends and family.
The wedding was a simple affair and was held outside. The weather was perfect, and everyone enjoyed the day! Volleyball, ladder golf, Frisbee throwing, kick ball and several other outdoor games were held.
During the "toasting" portion of the event I did a toast to Scott and Malia, and few minutes later I performed a special magical effect known as the Anniversary Waltz for the newlyweds.