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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Fish On Finally

Sockeye Salmon opener a blast! Left the house at aboaut 1:20 A.M. to get to the launch before it got so backed up you couldn't get in... Launched at the Rainier Beach launch, NO lines, free parking on the streets... I took my neighbors son AAron and his friend Travis... we started fishing about 5 A.M.. we ;limited out at about 8:10 A.m. with our six fish! Boats, boats everywhere... we didn't care, it was a happenning, the water temp was 66 degrees. overcast and a bit choppy. Those crazy Sockeye Salmon, considered one of the best if not the best tasting salmon available, were chomping at the bare red hook. Five of the six were caught on my son Erics' fishing rod, too bad he is in San Antonio....
Going in the afternoon tomorrow after church services, my daughter says she wants to go.. Right ON!!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Fish 2, Flynn's zero

Yep, another day out on the choppy waters of Puget Sound...Katie and I left the Redondo Launch at about 4:40 A.M... The water beat my daughter and I up a bit as we headed to a new fishing ground... Dolphin Pt. Different place, same results. We started trolling at Pt. Beale towards Dolphin Pt. Not having ever fished at Dolphin Pt. I wasn't sure exactly where it was. Well we found it and nine other boats. We got there about 6:15 or so and didn't see any fish caught. No action whatsoever! We gave up at about 8:45... Headed back to the boat launch in the thick fog. Sure am glad I got a Lowrance fish finder/GPS... made finding my way back slick as can be... Saw an interesting log on the way back, actually it turned out to be the top half of a farmer John wetsuit... picked it up and threw it in the boat...
Gotta have something to show for my efforts!!!
Another beautiful day on the water, the smell in my boat is starting to get a little nauseaus. Smells like SKUNK!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Bright sun shiny day!

Wednesday. July 26. 2006
Left work early to take my daughter fishing. We started fishing at Pt. Robinson at about 5:45 A.M. The sun was just breaking out over the mountains as you can see in the photo. We had spectacular water, great sunshine and ....... No fish of keepable size. I guess that's why it's called fishing and not catching....
I was not going to fish Thursday, but we got a favorable report at another location just North of Pt. Robinson and will be going out in a few hours to try our luck there! Hope Katie catches a big one!
Sockeye season opens Saturday in Lake Washington. These fish are considered the best Salmon species available, just witness the "Copper River Salmon" phenomenon. A great marketing ploy that has sold millions of dollars of this great fish. Well we get the same fish in our own Lake every year, Most years we don't get enough to allow anglers to go after em. This year we get three days to get two per angler. An amazing fishery. All you need is a bare hook about 16 inches behind a size 0 flasher and about 70 feet of line in 90 to 110 feet of water and "Fish On"!
It's funny because you never have to check your bait! Haha! A Bare Hook!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Renting movies beware

Recently the wife and I rented the movie "The Family Stone." What a big disappointment! Hollywood is true to form with their Pro Lesbian and Gay agenda, Shoving their valueless amoral views on an unsuspecting audience. When will it end? You go to the video store to rent a movie, a comedy. No where on the back of the DVD case is there anything about there being a gay plot. So you take a chance and WHAM, UnHollywood nails you again. These idiots think being homosexual is normal, Well let me tell you, It is not normal. Men having sex with men is not normal. It is disgusting and always has been and always will be. Homosexuality is an abomination(Abhorrence; disgust. A cause of abhorrence or disgust) to God! The ironic thing about it is the liberal left shoves it down everyone's throat as if that somehow will make it normal, they preach that evolution is a fact and yet if evolution were true, homosexuality doesn't work. Think about it. Most people could care less if someone is homosexual, until that is they decide to ram it onto us as normal. No one cares that someone is homosexual, it's when they want to teach our children that it is a normal alternative lifestyle. And they then won't allow any debate on the subject. Funny, but if you have a differing opinion you are labeled a bigot(One who is strongly partial to one's own group, religion, race, or politics and is intolerant of those who differ.) Doesn't that actually tell the story of homosexual left?! They are intolerant of anyone who disagrees with their one sided point of view. Now you are considered to be hate mongering. They think by calling you names and making you defend yourself that somehow that will cloud the issue and the fact that they are wrong and in the wrong!
My 22 year old son was asked by my wife and I to spend a day with his 13 year old sister hiking and going to dinner and getting a movie. You know, all good bonding things that create positive relations in the family. The wife and I were going out to dinner and enjoying her 30th high school reunion. The movie they rented is rated pg. It was the movie "kicking and screaming" A comedy, but as usual, UnHollywood decides to put in a homosexual couple, two lesbians who have apparently adopted a child from overseas.... Expecting the gullible people who rent them to "just go along' and get used to the idea that homosexuality exits and is normal.
While I am certainly a sinner and do not want to stand in judgement of others, I too am aware that sin is sin and must be addressed as such. Jesus did not condemn the adulterous women, but He also said to her in John 8:11 "go and sin no more." Seems to me we all want to forget that part.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Hot everywhere weekend!

I love the heat, especially when you can hunker down by the lake and swim and eat picnic food and enjoy the breeze of a nice cooling wind as you sit in the shade of a tree or two... That's pretty much what my weekend consisted of. The wife and I spent several hours enjoying each others company at the lake. I worked on deepening my sunburn and she worked on her great tan. She tans so easily, a nice deep olive!
Our eldest son was home for the weekend before heading to Idaho for two months where he'll be helping to develop and grow a campus ministry. He arrived on Wednesday night. We changed the oil in his car on Thursday about 3pm... Then I ate a light dinner and headed to the magic session at Jose's rental house, work the evening and swimming on Friday. Too hot to do much else, get by a lake baby!
Got up Saturday morning and worked on getting the boat out of the garage... SUCCESS!!!
It is ready for a trip to Puget Sound. Maybe Tuesday morning... Can't wait. Saturday night Joan and I spent the evening having fun with her classmates of 30 years ago... Not many attended but those that did enjoyed themselves to some great food, a few drinks and some loud music.
Joan seemed to have a good time reconnecting! She looked beautiful. I really stole a gem from the Federal Way class of 1976, hahahaha...
Sunday we went to church, we let Katie go to the lake with some friends on their boat. I think we should have asked some questions about it. She got home after 9;30 P.M. A full day on the lake, she was spending the night at their home as well, but she had to come home feeling not so well. We think heat exhaustion may be the culprit. She has a fairly nice (not nice) sunburn. Even though she was on the water all day, swimming and staying cool, we doubt if she consumed enough water.
After church I was in a short meeting getting tapes and resumes' about four potential pastors for our church. It is an awesome responsibility to be a part of a team to pick a new pastor. I am praying for guidance.
Peace and love,

Friday, July 21, 2006


Love the heat! Especiallly when you can take a dip or two in the lake! Got outta bed about 12:30 today, went to Pipe lake and swam for about two hours, getting sun and staying cool...house is up to about 85 degrees, be interesting to see if sleep comes upon me tonight...
Still gotta get the boat out of the garage...
Tomorrow is my wifes 3oth high school reuinion, should be a good evening! Will be spending the day getting the boat out! GOTTA DO IT! THe Salmon are coming., The Salmon Are Coming!!!!
A Few years ago with a portion of our catch!

Great session

It was great to get back to sessioning magically last night!
I have been somewhat lacking in the magic dept. Of late having been on vacation for two weeks. Jose opened up a rental home for our get together. For a bit it was just Jose and I. We worked on the Tricky wallet for awhile. It is great to see Jose taking the lead in his magic. He went thru the routine and shared it with me. I have been reluctant to learn the Tricky wallet as it requires a few moves I haven't yet perfected... I will be working on it next week. I love the magical effect of it. I sent a copy of the Tricky wallet to my friend Doug Gorman in San Antonio. I hope he likes it and learns/performs it. I am sure he will make it magical for his audiences.
I performed the Mike Gallo Ballvase routine I am working on for both Jose and then for Isaac, both had the same critique. My hold out looks suspicious. I am glad for the input. That is what the sessions are for. To get better at our craft. Randy Sills and Mark Storms arrived shortly and Randy and I played with the Mental Photography deck. I think he has the gist of it now. We also enjoyed toying with Jazz Aces. My friend Doug Gorman uses four matching Ace of hearts and four Jokers for the routine, we didn't have four jokers but Randy came up with four jacks of spades. I like this effect using four of a kind because it eliminates the flashing of the same card twice. Also, the red black contrast is nice as well! Mark taught me a fine point on the Larry Jennings snap double lift. I have always wanted to learn and do Ambitious card. A great effect, but have never felt strong with my double lifts to perform it. I understand how it all goes together but have avoided it. I have worked hard on the snap double but was missing a small piece to make it work all the time. I think Marks' little piece of advice will finally get me over the hump with my double lifts!!! Thanks Mark! That makes the session worthwhile right there!
Friday is here. I have to stay up all day so I might try to finish digging the boat out of the garage and get out on Puget Sound and drop a line or two....
Our son Ryan is leaving for a two month evangelical type trip to Idaho on Monday. Maybe I can get him out in the boat?! :)
Another thing that is coming along is that Ryan is finally starting to enjoy golf! It will be great to golf with him in the coming years. He is getting really strong and growing into manhood nicely. He will be hitting the ball further than me soon! But it will be fun to just be on the golf course with him!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Just a note

Today is the day that we meet at Jose's home for our weekly magic session. I can't wait! Been gone for a couple weeks vacationing and missing the guys. Of course Tom will be missed, but as the saying goes, "the show must go on!"
One door closes, another opens!
I have been in contact with my friend Doug Gorman from San Antonio, been working on some magical creations of his... slow going but am having fun in the process...
I built a "ladder golf" game out of 3/4 inch PVC pipe and strung some golf balls together. Great fun for everyone.
Our church has been looking for a new pastor since Jan. of this year, I was voted on the panel to help choose a pastor. It will be interesting work. I hope all goes well.
Have been working around the home for the last several days and am trying to dig the boat out of the garage, seems it gets buried in there every winter. The Salmon might be showing up in Puget Sound soon...The sunny weather sure is nice, not too hot not too cold, Just right!!!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Monday July 17th, wow, what a great two weeks! Just got home Friday from Eastern Washington, heat in the 85-90 range... no kids, just the wife and I :)
Had a sweet deal from a friend, 3nights, 4 days for a hundred bucks! 3 rounds of golf at the Desert Canyon Resort to boot! Can't beat that! Spent Thursday after golfing in the morning at Lake Chelann with Dave Huffman and his wife and two daughters, laying by the lake and swimming and getting really bright red! Haha..,
Friday Joan and I drove home but made a three hour pit stop in Leavenworth, we ate at the Munchen house, we enjoyed the fine German fare with sauerkraut and German potato salad...
As my wife and I were heading to our car to make the two hour trek home, we were approached by a little boy of about five, his older sister and father. He handed us a baggy full of just picked Rainier Cherries. I asked if I might do something to return the favor. I whipped out my hot rod and did a short magical routine for him and his family... As they walked away I overheard his father say, " wasn't that cool?!"
That's all the thanks I needed!
Saturday our daughter arrived home safe and sound from her week long vacation at Black Lake bible camp. She had a great time as well!

On a sad note, my good friend and mentor in magic, Tom Frank left Seattle on Tuesday for Los Angeles. I will miss him immensely. We sessioned every Tuesday night for over a year and a half! We are planning to figure out a way to keep the sessions alive in Seattle!
Yesterday we went to church and heard a great sermon by Pastor Gerald Marvel. He enlightened us on the story of Zacheus the tax collector. I enjoyed the sermon and the insights.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Home from San Antonio

We just got back from a week in San Antonio visiting son Eric at the Lackland A.F.B... Eric had some liberty, so we went to him for the 4th O' July, we visited the Alamo, Seaworld, Schlitterbahn and the San Antonio riverwalk. I spent some time getting to know a very wonderful magician named Doug Gorman., along with his magic friend Paul Mims. We had a wonderful afternoon sessioning on the cups and balls, Gallo's ball vase routine and some great card tricks as well as pizza for lunch. I was impressed with Doug's fine oratory skills and the way he presents his magic. He gets into it and becomes very animated. I like that!
We stayed at a nice hotel called the Hotel Contessa right on the riverwalk, spent lots of money on fine food and entertainment! It was hot most of the time with the thermometer hovering about 85-90.....
Back to work for two days and then off to some more heat in Eastern Washington at Desert Canyon resort for 4 days and three nights... Golf will be on the agenda as well as more fine food and layin around the swimming pool working on my sunburn!

Well, It begins,

Here is the first post in a hopefully great time here in blogsphere, open, honest blogging and sharing... i am a 47 year old man from the Seattle Washington area.... Married for 25 years with three children... I love close up magic, golfing, golf club building, fishing for Salmon in Puget Sound, playing the harmonica.... Traveling is something I want to do more of.... I am employed by the Boeing company for the last 28 years.., whew, where did the time go??? :)
I love to entertain by BBQing. I like to swim, and have enjoyed playing and coaching baseball and basketball for many years... I believe in Jesus Christ and His resurrection power, Thank God!
I look forward to many fruitful years in the future!