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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Friday Golf

I went golfing yesterday after work with my friend Mike.
We got on at Riverbend golf course in Kent.
It was a nice, chilly day. We have been experiencing a lot of rain and cold weather. Could someone tell Al Gore to turn on the heat!
We could use some global warming or climate change in these parts...
I started of well with a par on hole # 1. bogeyed two and parred the "Ted" hole. I call every hole # 3 on a golf course the "Ted" hole. My brother Teds, (may he rest in peace) favorite # was the number 3, after the great Babe Ruth. So to keep his memory alive, I dedicate every # 3 hole while golfing to him (If I remember, and I usually do)...anyway, I had a great time, and shot an 87. Could have been much better but I blew up on # 17. I am stiff and sore today but if I can get out and golf more often... that should take care of itself.
I am wondering how the weight loss of the past several months will help my swing. I am at present about 182 pounds. I made it up to about 197 last year and was contemplating going over two hundred just to say I did, But decided to push myself away from the table a little sooner. I also stopped eating large quantities of ice cream after work in the morning right before bedtime. I think this is the most significant factor in my weight loss.
Now I think I need to actually begin lifting weights or at least doing some sort of limbering exercises...

Friday, April 22, 2011


Four the last four weeks I have been meeting with several people interested in networking.
We meet every Thursday morning at 7:30.
This is a little rough for me, but doable.
I am trying to get my magic career, such that it is, off the ground.
I would love to perform more often.
Many reasons for this.
It will make me a better performer and person.
I will make some money which helps pay for the props I buy.
I will spread joy and laughter and wonderment in the world.
This will be the main reason, I love to bring happiness to others and potentially change their day and their life.
As Jackie Gleason used to say:
The idea behind this networking group is people come together from many different business, each one exclusive to this group. No two alike, we refer each other whenever possible.
I am not only hoping to increase my performing opportunities, but make some life long friends, and help some of them increase as well.


Yesterday I took my son Ryan to the store with me to get some needles to pump up balls with, basketballs primarily... It was just an excuse to spend some one on one time with him. He will be 27 in June and well, I know someday he
We arrived at Starbucks at about 7:45. This particular Starbucks closes at 8:00 pm.
We go our drinks, sat down and immediately a young woman announced, "Fifteen minutes to closing."
Well, at the ten minute or there abouts mark before closing, I said in a rather deep, resonant military voice, "Ten minutes, ten minutes..."
No one laughed except me. At the five minute mark to closing, I repeated that we have five minutes, five minutes...
And precisely at 8 pm the young woman says we are closing, time to leave.
I made some comment to her, and she replied, "at least I said it with a smile on my face, see!"
Man, I was disappointed.
I remember when I worked in restaurants as a teen ager... we were required to not only stay open til the posted closing time, but people could stay in the store until they finished eating whatever it was they purchased.
I didn't like it but that's the way it was.
I mentioned this to my son Ryan, and he defended the Starbucks policy saying something about how people will stay in there all day on WiFi..
I just wanted to enjoy a relaxing cup of "Joe" with him...
A multi million dollar company like Starbucks, I thought they had a little more class...

Monday, April 18, 2011

Magical Weekend...

My niece Heidi
turned 30 about a week ago, that's a trip in itself... just yesterday morning she was born... I guess I was 22 at the time... anyway, she has had a run of bad lick... mostly self imposed... her son Isaih turned 11 Saturday,

and she asked me last week if I could do a show for her and him as she was broke...
I told her no worries as I would gladly help her out.
I haven't really performed for a group since December... Geesh.. that's way to long, so I polished off some magical apparatus and drove the 25 miles to Puyallup.
I performed my "children's" show,

and it was a good, fun time!
My favorite part is fooling the adult parents of the children, I think they think that since it is a "Children's" show, that somehow they won't be baffled. The looks on those adults faces is priceless. BAM!
My wife Joan went along and took a few pictures...

Later that evening Joan and I went to a Pub in Renton known as Jacks. We met up with about 60-70 Renton high schoolers from the 1970's... We had a good time. This evening get together was set up because of someone on Facebook doing something. Years ago there was a pinball hang out called Fumo's in Skyway. We all hung out there in the late 70's playing foosball, pinball and smoking pot.(And some beer as well...)
So thru facebook, we all, whoever wanted too, came out and partied and reminisced.
Because of the nature of the event, It not being a Reunion of one class year. I got to see people I haven't seen in 30 years.
What a great time, lots of smiles and laughter.
And yes... I did some magic as well.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Session In the Magic Room

Last night Jose Floresca and Mark Jensen came by.
Jose was doing double duty as we are remodeling our kitchen soon and we want him to install the new cabinets and appliances. So, since he was driving all the way out here... we thought it would be good to have a small session.

We had a good time, reminiscing and shuffling cards. I did Whit Hadyns' Teleportation device for them, and although it is still "rough" it was fun to do. Mark did a nice piece with some magic smoke and taking away my fears.
Jose performed some coin work and it looks good. He is working on an Ambitious Card routine as well. Just after 10 pm I had to let them know I had to get to work, what a bummer, seemed that things were just beginning to heat up!
It was nice to use the magic room for another of it's intended purposes.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

I'm 18 and I Like It!

Wow, today was Katie's 18th birthday...

are you kidding me... another adult in the house!
We had a little celebration for her as she was going to her youth group meeting at our church's parsonage... so I had made plans to attend Renton High Schools 100 year centennial planning meeting.
We will celebrate Katies birthday this Saturday.
I have been attending the centennial planning meetings in hopes of using my magical talents in some capacity at the event.
I do not know if that is going to happen. After the meeting John Taylor, Kim Sargeant,RoseMary Castillo, and I went to some Irish bar in Renton.
I was asked to do a magic trick or two and well.... how do you get a magician to do a hundred magic tricks? Ask him to do one...
I had brought an eight foot length of rope with me and some scissors, the fact that I was carrying full size scissors was reason for a bit of laughter.
I performed the cut & restored rope and Professors Nightmare for my small contingent and a young woman stopped to enjoy the "show."
She came back with several others and I entertained them all for about 30 minutes with coins, cards and rubber bands.
After they went back to their table, I did a card on ceiling effect for RoseMary, she loved it... Then one of the waiters stopped by and I did a very nice card in box rise that happens in his hands. Everyone went wild. It was eery.
He told his manager who came over and so I did a nice four person poker mental routine to cap off the night.
I think the best part for me, other than the fact that I nailed every trick tonight, is that the people at my table enjoyed watching me perform for everyone else. They got to watch from a slightly different perspective and had a great time.
As We were leaving, we had to pass by the table with the four people who came by and enjoyed my love of magic. I paused and thanked them for letting me share my passion with them, they all stuck out their hands and thanked me in turn, one young man even said, "you are a great artist."

I love magic!
Back to the birthday celebration, since Katie's Birthday arrived on a Wednesday... we chose to celebrate by going out to dinner on the following Saturday, (Which as I type was three days ago now, I know, I am not updating this blog like I should)..
We went T P H Changs in Bellevue.

We had a wonderful time and laughed, ate and drank, Happy Birthday Katie. You ae well loved!