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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Good Trade

I remember that line in the movie, Dances With Wolves, one of all time favorite movies..
Last weekend at Portland Magic Jam I was approached by a man wanting to know about the tables I build and had on display for sale.
He mentioned how nice they were and I said, hey buy one, He said, I don't have any money, but would you be interested in a trade? I asked what he had in mind. He opened his jacket ( I know what you're thinking) and pulled out a deck of playing cards. They were a sealed in cellophane, unopened deck of...
Drum roll please....
Jerry's Nuggets!

I immediately told him I wasn't interested. I mean, what would I do with them? I cannot use them, most of my card tricks I end up ruining a deck of cards,I either have a card signed, or I fold one in half, and I wasn't interested in just admiring them on my shelf.
But then he said something that did intrigue me a little...
He mentioned that they are only going to go up in value.
So, I slept on it and came up with an equitable trade. One of my tables and $50 bucks for the deck.
He agreed and we struck a deal.
Now I have one of my tables being used and this is good for him and for me. Maybe another magician will see it, like and contact me!
I can only hope!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Portland Magic Jam

Last Friday morning I got off work at 6 am.
Tried to sleep for a few hours and hit the road to Portland, only challenge I had was getting some sleep. It didn't happen. I left for Portland around 12 noon...
It was a difficult drive. I was tired and hurting, my neck has been bothering me, my lower back was hurting, and I had an upset stomach. I don't get sick very often, but I think some food I ate a two am didn't agree with me. I felt like vomiting several times, kept a bag near me as I drove. It was rough!
I got to P{Portland in one piece, and around five pm, my stomach began to feel better!
I hooked up with my friend and fellow Magi G.G. Green. Him and I shared a room.
Friday night was a fun night as magician and friend Rick Anderson emcee'd the event.
As I go and watch these events, my respect goes way up for people with the ability to not only do magic, and do it well, but to also emcee and event like this. I once thought it would be easy to emcee, but now I realize how difficult it really is. My hat goes off to Rick, I thought he did a great job.
It was a long weekend and my brain is still unpacking everything. I cannot recall exactly the order of events... but Another friend, Jeff Evans did a wonderful 20 minute piece of magic. Twelve year old Matt Wells did a very nice set as well.
Doc Eason did his lecture Friday night and it was mostly about connecting with your audience, and the why's, and how fors of doing that.
I entered the Parlor contest only because there were so few entrants. I had my linking rings with me so I figured I could do that. I awoke at about 3 am and it crossed my mind to do few easy things to enhance my "set." I did the one finger clap as an opener and followed that with a six card repeat effect, ending with the Legend of the Five Mystic rings.
I did not finish "in the money." But I felt my performance deserved second place.
I again lost to 12 year old Matt Wells. He did a nice set with rope and cards. I think This time I got snookered by the "age" factor. Not a big deal, but I was told by someone that children should have to compete in their own competition as they get "extra" props just because they are kids. They get cut some slack that an older performer doesn't get. It was brought to my attention that it is only natural to not judge them only on performance. I watched his set, and I too was caught up in his being a child.
I was told my set was good by many people, so I am not going to stress over it.
I had a wonderful time and hopefully made some new friends, and cemented one as well.Daryl Easton is a fantastic magician. Very smooth. I would like to perform like him!
So, here I am performing for a young magic fan!
His mom asked me to "do it in his hands," as I had "done it" for his sister!
I like getting down on their level!
Had a very nice surprise at the Jam. I met a fellow in March in Las Vegas at the World Magic Seminar, his name is Fred King. We struck up a friendship. Been doing a lot of emailing and mailing of videos back and forth.
Fred just appeared out of no where. He got a big kick out of surprising me. Here is Fred with a masterful magician, Whit "Pop" Hadyn.Other head liners at this event included Doc Eason, and Wayne Houchin.
According to Wayne:
If it's to be, it's up to me!
Wayne gave a special, off the cuff lecture about promoting yourself. The main idea is, if you are waiting to "be discovered." it ain't going to happen. If you want to make something of your magical self. YOU have to do it, whatever it takes, Website, phone calls, follow ups etc.
He said a lot of bad magicians are making a lot of money, and a lot of great magicians aren't!
I couldn't agree more!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Friday Golf

I heard a joke that had the punch line "Round is a shape." Like "I'm in shape, round is a shape."
I'm not round, but I am not in very good shape.
Even taking a cart golfing made me sore in my calves... Can only imagine how sore I'd be if I had walked the whole course..
Played Maplewood Golf Course Friday with my son Eric. I will say I shot a 94 before going much further and just get that out of the way. My trusty putter let me down, but actually it didn't bother me as I haven't golfed much this year...
I was stroking the ball well with the putter, just hammering every putt past the hole. My ball striking was surprisingly solid, if a bit erratic. This has always been my challenge. I hit the ball squarely most of the time, just don't know exactly where it's going to go. I have been pulling the ball and have acquired a draw/hook bias...
Now for the good stuff. Being with Eric was a blast. He hit a couple of balls that never came down, O.k. they came down, but about 300 yards from the tee! I began calling him Popeye because of his large Biceps. But it takes more than muscles to power a ball that far. It takes limber ness, and athleticism. Eric has both actually in spite of his dynamite muscular development.
Joining us were my friend Mike and Dale joined us for the back nine.
We enjoyed some cigars as we had a perfect fall day for golf!

Clown Alley News

Here it is almost a week later and I'm finally posting about our alley meeting..
The days are moving rapidly along.
I can hardly get anything done and Winter is just about upon us and the nights will be longer and days shorter!
Our alley meeting was a very good one with one of our members, Sean Melicher teaching about posing as a clown, Posing... hmm... one of his greatest points was how we are taught to pose as a family from the time we are young to the time we are older. "Stand still, Smile, look at the camera, say cheese, etc..."
Well that IS NOT something you want to do as a clown, and in my case, as a magician! HOW BORING!!! Notice this first picture:No action and no props to enhance the photo, kind of dull, don't you think!
Now take a look at this next one, notice the difference, it's small but noticeable:

As we progressed in the "lecture" you can see how action adds flavor to the photo, I mean, what are you trying to portray as a clown!? Also, introducing available props and possibly stuff that is around you into the picture can really enhance things.

And notice this next one as there are a lot of people in it.
It is important to remember that the picture should be "focused" on them and not you. It is often hard not to "steal" the show so to speak when you are lit up in multitudes of bright colors, and the child or whoever is asking you to be in "their" Picture is not. This was another great point. Who is going to be holding on to the picture, who is it for?
Certainly not you, and while you want to give them the best of yourself, be careful not to do so much that you take away from them entirely!
Now this was a lecture that I can put to use right away!
Good information!

Monday, September 13, 2010

WElcome Home

Last Friday we got a call from our son Eric, actually Katie got he call...
She said Eric was coming home later that night! Wow, that was kind of sudden... we were expecting him that weekend, but hadn't heard when. Well, Now is when!
We picked him up from the airport at about 10:15!
Man what a GREAT experience!
Welcoming your son, a hero, home from his time as a Marine and the war! He seems to be all intact!
By that I mean his mind is sound, his spirits are high, and his body is all intact as well!
We are truly blessed to have him home safe. So many do not.
It has been an interesting journey, these last five years.
He spent two tours in Iraq. Going out with his explosives sniffing dog. Finding hidden, buried caches in the sand.
Checking vehicles as they enter the city. He often said he is bored. I told him, "Bored is good!"
I think many of these young men and woman want action. Well, I am happy he didn't see any "real" action. Motly police work. Policing our own men!
Anyway... I digress.
I have been dancing in my heart for threee days!

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Summer is over, bring on Fall

Supposedly we have two weeks left of Summer, but "Mother Nature", (God) has other plans!

Uh Oh..

September 7th,
Katie started school today amidst the rain in the Seattle area!
Her senior year! She wasn't acting very excited about heading back to school, but when I spoke with her when she got home later that day, she was all smiles! She doesn't yet realize what a BLAST senior year can be!
Well, now that the rain has begun....
It will last until March.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Airport Visit

Our son Eric arrived "Home" from Japan today. YIPPEE! YAHOO!
Actually it is kind of strange, because his flight from Japan arrived at SeaTac International at about 1pm, we live 20 minutes from there. So he had a 2 hour lay over before boarding a plane for San Diego where he is stationed. He is meeting his older brother in San Diego as Ryan is attending a Christan conference that ends today and will be able to spend some time with Eric before he, Ryan flies home to Colorado on Wednesday. Then Eric will be getting out of the Marines and coming home to stay next weekend!
As popular T.V. character, Jackie Gleason used to say, "How Sweet it is!!!"
What a GREAT day!

600 feet of

Magicians rope...
Man what a hassle...
I bought 600 feet of magicians rope on July 1st. The place I bought it from sent it to New York.
When I emailed him asking where my rope was, he told me that it was signed for via Fedex. I asked him to send me the tracking number. He did, and I sleuth ed that it was sent to New York. I was kind of ticked off that HE didn't figure this out himself and handle it.
Then he went on vacation and ignored me. I sent several emails and he said he would take care of it.
Almost two months went by, ans still no rope. Now I know 65 dollars won't break me, but now it's the principle of the thing...I finally received an email from him after badgering him with daily messages via phone and emails... telling him, "Hey, I sure could use the rope I paid for." His email said he somehow sent "my" rope to Pennsylvania...
I emailed him and told him I don't know whether to laugh or cry!
Two days later my rope arrived.
it was white, I dyed it Yellow!