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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

One on One with Jose

Met with Jose tonight, we tried to meet at the Renton Denny's. I got there and the place was overgrown with weeds. All closed up! Jose was already there so we drove up the road to Shari's.
Jose surprised me with a sweet Jeff Hobson Egg Bag. Very nice! A thick, sturdy bag with a red interior and a black exterior. Looking forward to trying it out!
We talked about magic in general, and staging and routining your repertoire. What to start with and in which order you might routine your effects.
Jose shared with me a very nice silk to egg routine he is working on. Actually I was the first one he showed it too. He is going to have some fun with that one!
He shared with me a really special wine bottle thru table effect, again, he is going to really enjoy doing that effect!
I shared with him a pretty simple card effect from the repertoire of Harry Lorayne from his book, My favorite card tricks. He picked it up pretty quickly!
The time went too fast, before I knew it I had to go to work where we build the worlds greatest airplanes!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A bit of this, a bit of that

Been awhile since I last posted.
Fathers day has come and gone. It was a nice time with my family.
Fathers day has always been kind of a downer for me. I still have a lot of weird feelings about my fathers. As I get older and hopefully wiser, I begin to understand them all and my mom's place in their lives. The Big picture begins to come into focus a little more. How I was shaped by the events of my fathers, or lack of fathers in my growing up years. How my mom tried to do her best but was also affected by the "men" in her life. This has all caused me to be the father I am. Some good, some maybe not so good. I think I used all negatives to try to be the opposite. I wasn't always successful, but overall, I think it worked out pretty well!
I am still growing as I continue on the journey. My children all seem to be fine people and I am very proud of each of them. They are all different individuals and have wonderful, unique qualities which I find fascinating to see in them as they mature into adulthood.
I didn't have a father to role model after, so it is interesting at times to catch myself feeling my way... I have spoken with our oldest son Ryan about this. Him and I are moving into a nice place relationally.

Friday I and some friends went to Auburn golf course. We had a great time and the weather was finally nice. They have done some great things at the course. A new club house and have worked hard to shore up the drainage problem. I shot a 90 with three lost balls. Always something! :)

Saturday was kind of a milestone event for me. It was the one year anniversary of my magical out coming so to speak! I performed once again at my job site for what was termed, Employee Appreciation day. Clowns, soft ice cream cones, lattes, Hamburgers, hot dogs, hydro planes, a live band, and me performing magic. I performed for about two hundred people. It was a nice set that took about an hour. The crowd was good and responsive. Much laughter and clapping and some hooting and hollering. A great and wonderful time was had by all.
I had a usual faux pas. I mis called the big cheese (like Vice President of Operations) by an improper name, his name is Scott and I called him bob. I asked him if he knew my name and he said, "Mud!" everyone laughed at this... I would just like to point out...how much fun I was having!
Actually, I was having a ball!

My daughter told me after the show that a clown was doing magic for a few kids during my performance. He was directly to my right side, about 15-20 feet from me. You would think he would show a little more respect or know some better etiquette!
I suppose I can learn from it!

Friday, June 13, 2008

That Was Wonderful!

This past week was very exiting for us. What with the new car, -----------------------------------------------------------

magic around every corner, celebrating Ryan's 24th birthday and all...
Sunday Ryan and his friend Matt came over to share in the celebration! We enjoyed a BBQ'd steak dinner, Pickle ball on our sport court and Ryan opened a few gifts, and we had brownies and ice cream!
I payed for playing pickle ball with the youngsters with a swollen knee. Sometimes youth is served, but not that day. I showed the boys, (young men) what the meaning of "treachery and old age' is all about. winning four out of the five games I played! But like I said, I may have won the battle, but not the war! (Swollen Knee)

A fellow at work has decided to join in the magical journey. His name is Sandy, I shared with his fourteen year old son some magic about two years ago, sold him a set of Tom Frank cups and balls at a discount, and never saw him again. I was ever willing to teach and coach the lad...
Anyway, his father joined our shift for the next two months and decided to put those cups to use. It is interesting to see myself in Sandy when I first started this journey!
I am really enjoying the XM radio in our new car! I told the salesman that we probably wouldn't keep it at the time we bought the vehicle. We get it free for three months, how do sell a puppy? You let the potential owners take it home for a week, and see if their child will let you bring it back! Haha...
I am listening to a lot of music from the 40's and 50's. Music that I never had an opportunity to enjoy. Of course growing up, I would have eschewed that music as being old... but now, I find the opportunity refreshing. Reminiscing about the war era, listening to music from my mother and fathers time. Hearing what helped shape them into who they were. Quite interesting. The XM stations digitally tell you who is the artist and what the name of each song is, pretty cool! Ain't technology great!

Today I performed for the fourth time at Farrington Court Senior center in Kent.
It was a fun time. I was relaxed and did an hour of magic.
I performed Anniversary Waltz for a married couple. It was really touching when I had them repeat the words, "I do." As if repeating their wedding pledge. The two of course became one once again, and they got to keep a nice souvenir of the occasion.

The weather seems to finally (keep your fingers crossed!) be turning.
Sure hope so, we could use a little bit of the "global warming" I've heard tell about!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Two Seminars in the Week

Saturday Professor Gizmo, Gary McKibben picked me up and we headed North to Everett and the Dan Garrett seminar.

I had never met Mr. Garrett and was looking forward to it.I wasn't disappointed!
He shared with about 30 of us his beautiful work with one ring. Used in the "show" of his key ring during the linking rings. Very nice work. he moved right along doing many nice effects and teaching them afterwards. Some sweet work with a finger ring and rope. A really nice card effect with some great kicker endings. Nice sponge ball work with a nice piece of apparatus. A nice false shuffle that is really easy to do and nice force with cards that is rather simple to do as well. Of course everything looks simple in master magicians hands!
He has a really great linking pins routine.
He also talked and taught on the subject of routining a little, doing effects in groups of threes... sort of ties in with what Dan Harlan was teaching earlier in the week!
it was nice to see my friend Mark Jensen and of course some of the other magi I haven't seen for awhile.

These master magicians either inspire you or deflate you. Sometimes it is like, man, I could never be that smooth. Other times it is like, If he can do it, I too can learn it!
On the way home, Gary and I stopped for dinner at Rooters in Kent. A fantastic BBQ joint that is famous for their beans. It was a great meal.
Today, Gary and his wife Jean are driving to Kansas to live. It is closer to their family. While I am excited for them, I am a bit bummed as Gary and I were beginning to develop a really nice relationship.
We will keep in touch for sure!

Friday, June 06, 2008

Week End Fun!

Yesterday Joan and I spent a little $money$...
We finally decided to "pull the trigger" and get a new vehicle! Drove down to Hinshaw's Honda in Auburn and signed papers on a New 2008 Honda Accord. Hope it treats us as well as the Dodge Intrepid did! She is a beauty! The car too car!
My birthday in March was extended to today. That's pretty amazing! Ryan's girlfriend Myoko gave me a gift certificate for my B-day to Bahama Breeze in Renton. I took the day off last night because of many things coming to a head this weekend, like buying a NEW CAR! And I was performing Friday night, so what the hey... Joan and I took a little time out together and enjoyed lunch on Myoko! Thanks Myoko!

Well, when I was a little shaver, my mom wished on me kids just like me. Well my children turned out better than I ever was... but tonight I performed magic at Cutters point and I gotta tell ya, I met some kids that qualify as, "just like me!" Haha...
One young girl, age 12 told me before the show started that she used to be "all into magic." I asked her if she knew the golden rule of magic? She thought for a minute and then I told her, "magicians never tell their secrets." She nodded in agreement.
Seems during the performance she forgot all about not telling. Because of her previous knowledge, not that she could actually do any magic, but she had a bad habit of "letting the cat outta the bag." Whispering to her friend many times and often blurting things out. Maybe she was just excited, not that she was always correct in her assumptions, but it was quite disturbing. I did however slay her a couple of times and "proved" her wrong, that was good, but finally about 3/4 of the way thru the cups and balls I finally looked at her and said, "Hey, Please quit bustin' my chops!" I said it firm enough that she finally got the point. So did her mom. It was a good show, not great, but good and I earned my first "Hat." Yep, I asked for money for the first time from an audience. That was kinda weird for me. My first hat came to $21 and a $50 Coffee card from the owner of Cutters Point!
Better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick!
The lassoing a card went extremely well in fact, in spite of one rambunctious child it was a pretty good show!
There was a nice couple way in the back of the room, I had invited them to come back and see the show as they were purchasing coffee drinks about twenty minutes before and they did come back!
They were probably the best audience members there. By the time I got to the cups and balls, they were hooked, finally coming up and standing behind the main audience and really enjoyed the cups and balls and the torn and restored newspaper.
Hey, like Payne says, "sometimes the jokes are just for me!"

More thoughts on magic...
I have been reading a manuscript by Dan Harlan. It has me thinking a lot about my performance and putting effects in a proper order to first grab the audience, then keep them and finally, to totally astonish them by the end. Maybe my first effect needs reviewing and moving into perhaps the second slot in the show. Gotta wow them right off the get go...
I guess this is all a learning curve and part of the process. Growing, growing, growing!!!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Magic Seminar at Philemon's

Ryan's 24th birthday was today, actually as I type it was yesterday. I called him but got his answering machine. We will try to spend some birthday time with him on Sunday. Times are very busy right now and we are down to one dependable vehicle.
24 years and it almost seems like yesterday that he was learning to ride a bike and throw a baseball. Reading to him on the couch and before bed time. Picking him up and patting him on the back when he got little scrapes and bruises, which was often, being the rambunctious tow headed boy he was. Teaching baseball and basketball and what we believe in, right from wrong and making wrongs right.
He is a fine young man and out on his own now. It is a great joy to see him and spend time with him from time to time. We have reached a wonderful "era" in our relationship of mutual respect and understanding, under girded with love for each other! Last Friday we spent about an hour in our hot tub talking about life, work, marriage, and this journey we are on. It was a special time for me as we opened up in ways that we couldn't before.
Wednesday night and I drove to Philemon Vanderbecks home to enjoy a seminar by World Famous magician, Dan Harlan, I guess he is really only famous in magic circles. the seminar was excellent, actually more than I expected. Dan is a very accomplished magician. He taught for about three hours, power packed information that was too much to get all in that short time. I look forward to doing some studying of his "lecture notes." He taught on Structure, Timing, your environment for performing and your delivery. He spoke on a process known as triple-trilogy. So, in effect we as magicians should have nine effects that make up a performed. These nine effects are further sub divided into three sets of three, making a beginning a middle and an end. Much like any novel or set of novels you might read.
I went to the seminar wanting to improve my magic and to do this, the area of most concern is my stage presence. Anyone can learn and do a magic trick. The really great ones are performers of the effect or people who entertain with their magic. The magical "trick" is secondary to the performance.
I have been on this magical journey for over four years now, and am excited to bring myself and magic to the nest level. I have enough "tricks", now it is time to become a better performer. This will require much study and patience, practice and performing. I will have to video tape myself and be brutally honest with myself about what I am dong and where I want to go with it.
Like I mentioned earlier, it is a process and a journey. I'm excited about what transpired tonight and looking forward to studying Dan's work!
Dan did an entire nine effect act for us and it was wonderful! He is so very relaxed and knows his material inside and out! Someday!!! This brings me to another point. I am still bummed that I didn't begin magic as a child. So many magicians I meet that are really polished have been performing magic their whole lives. I don't know, maybe I would be burned out with it by now?
No use crying over spilt milk!
Dan's "chops" were beautiful. I especially liked his handling of ropes. Very casual and relaxed. In a word, BEAUTIFUL!
That is what I would like my magic to be... Beautiful!
Dan also taught about managing your time, your props and your audience as well as the words you use to convey your message with magic. Here is a photo of the back side of his prop box which doubled as his performing table. Notice the nice "drop bag" for eliminating props once they have served their purpose.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Fear & Anger!!!

Gas prices are out of control, we're supposed to be grateful that they aren't higher... look at European countries and what they pay!
Get ready for a complete make over in America. The America you know is gone! Food prices, clothing, cars, everything is going to change. Why? Because America has become a wimp! That's right, the great big, bad America, the pride and shining light of the world is no more! We have sold out to what other people think! The environmentalist wackos... the thought and speech police, the homosexuals and anyone else that has a left leaning opinion.
We don't buy cars because we like the model or style anymore. It's all about miles per gallon! Used to be about getting a good interest rate.
Used to be majority rules, now it's all about the minority and looking out for the under privileged. Used to be you pulled yourself up by the boot straps, not anymore. Can I have a hand out, the government will take care of you, for a price. A very steep price. Our freedoms. Don't spank your kids. Don't smoke here. Wear a seat belt and a helmet. By the way, we are going to know your every move because we put cameras everywhere. SMILE!

We have oil everywhere, Anwar, Minnesota, off the Atlantic coast, the Gulf of Mexico and probably many other places, BUT we don't want to go after it, create many jobs, be a self sufficient nation. We want to hand cuff ourselves and BUY our oil from other countries, making us beholden to them.
Anyone else see something wrong with this picture!?
We have all the resources in our own yard and yet we would rather buy it from others.
I recommend reading a couple of books, "The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming and State of Fear."
Fear, everyone is running scared. Why? Our own congress, the people we elect are not looking out for Americas best interest. Create a nanny state and make every one dependent upon a hand out.

Sunday, June 01, 2008


I know what you're thinking... ( I am a magician after all... :)
But it is not about a car...
My son Ryan and his church held a fund raiser because their church bought a new facility and to offset the cost, they held an auction with catered food etc.
I offered my magical services for sale at the auction.
Someone got a sweet, killer of a deal. I went for a hundred bucks. Whazzup with that? :)
A roommate of our son Ryan's girlfriends sister or some such is getting me for her sisters birthday. It will be a great time!
Joan and I spent the better part of Saturday in Auburn (the little Detroit of the West) looking at and test driving vehicles. Man, there are some really nice cars out there. We started our quest with a drive of the 2008 Honda Accord. We hit it off with the salesman immediately. No pressure just a fun ride and full of info. He used to do some magic. He also is Puget Sound fisherman, goes to a four square church and plays harmonica, now how weird is that!? So we enjoyed some time at the Honda dealership and headed on down the road a stretch to the Toyota dealership. We drove a 2008 Camry that was really nice as well. This salesman too was really nice and a no pressure type guy. I think with gas prices the way they are, many people are buying cars. There are hardly any 2008 Toyota Corolla's available. If you want a Corolla Hybrid, you pay about $2500.00 down and get put on a waiting list.
We have been told that the hybrids are not something to buy as yet. I think the dealrships are selling cars like hot cakes, trucks on the other hand are being traded in and collecting dust.
Anyway, we enjoyed the Camry too, then we drove a 2008 Corolla. It is a nice car as well, but we are interested in a little larger car. The Corolla's do not come with leather interior, which is something we would like. Hey, it's our money, we should get what we like right?!
We actually had a good time.