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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wounded Warrior Project

Last Wednsday, several magicians and I performed in Fife Washington for something called the Wounded Warrior Project.
Jess & Carrie Moriarty started this fund raiser and we all pitched in.
There were four of us performing. Myself doing some "classics of magic".
like Linking Rings, and The Cups and Balls. Isaac Louie doing his comedy stand up routine, Young Matt Wells performing a wonderful set, and then large stage Illusions performed by a young magician
We had a good turn out and everyone had a good time.

Graduation Party

Yesterday was a very nice day. We had about 50 people stop by to wish Katie good luck in the next leg of her journey. She graduated high school two weeks ago and we celebrated it with her. Lots of great food, pulled pork, cookies, veggies, fruit and drink. I think everyone had a good time.
I know I did and everyone is proud of her.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fathers Day 2011

First let me just say thank you to my family for the very nice, mellow, relaxed Fathers Day today.
I actually dislike fathers day. I was going to say 'hate" fathers day, but that is a rather strong way to put it.
I don't know when or why I dis like fathers day. Maybe it has something to do with my biological "father" being such an absent entity in my life. Then when I am in my twenties, and I contact him, he wants it to be like"water under the bridge." (His exact words)
Or maybe it is the commercialization of fathers day, mothers day, valentines day, Christmas etc.
Our society makes you feel like you have to get something for your dad. Like new golf clubs, power tools or some such. Or maybe do something in recognition for them, and while I think all this is good, providing it is something that you want to do, I do not think it should be like making people feel obligated to do these things. If you do not already have the love you should for all that your "rents" do and did for you, then Fathers day is a joke. If you aren't taking out the garbage, washing their car now and then, mowing the lawn, washing the dishes after meals, meals that they provided for you... if you don't do these things naturally for them... puhlease... skip the obligatory fathers day!
Today I worked. But I got to sleep in and when I got up... I replaced a kitchen light fixture as we are remodeling our kitchen, and today I took about 45 minutes to do that, then I fired up the Big Green Egg and BBQ'd a Flank Steak to perfection. No gifts, a nice hand made, heartfelt card from our daughter and later a phone call from our son Eric who is in Oregon with some friends. Ryan and I smoked a cigar on our deck and just simply ... were together!
What could be better!
Happy Fathers Day!

Legend Of The Five Mystic Rings!


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Leave Em Wanting More

I have heard this many times, leave em wanting more. As far as performing magic is concerned.
As a magician I find it difficult to not want to perform, and perform, and perform...
Last Sunday I performed for an hour at The Maple Valley Days. I was thinking of shortening my act. During the performance sometimes I feel a "lag" of some sort. But I posted about this on Facebook and a person that was at the show had this to say.
"As an audience member..don't shorten it!!! We were bummed when you said you were done. GREAT JOB Tim, so very entertaining and loved sitting next to your wife being as bewildered as me. So glad we got to see you perform."
Tonight I performed fro an automotive group of about 35-40 people. It was an outdoor event, great BBQ and a fun evening. The gentleman who hired me asked for 2-25 minutes. He has seen my show several times, hired me in the past. So I performed for about 30 minutes. Afterward he told me it was a great, fun show, then said, "I wish you would have done the Linking rings.!"
Whatcha gonna do!? haha.
Well, I consoled myself with the fact that... at least I left him wanting more!
So now I am playing in my head with my act. I think I will consider building all future shows around the Cups and Balls and Linking Rings. (Except shows for children as the Linking Rings is something that doesn't really grab them.)
I did a little strolling magic before hand as I had time to kill and people were enjoying the great food!
Tonight my set consisted of:
Finger clap
Acrobatic Knot.
Cut and Restored Rope/Professors Nightmare
Lassoing a Card
Floating Card
3 Signed Cards Rise from sealed Envelope
Cups and Balls
Leave em Wanting More!

Thursday, June 09, 2011

The Standing 'O'

This morning after work I attended my Thursday morning Covington Networking Group meeting.
I was the "featured" speaker which simply means I get ten minutes to share what it is I do. It is an opportunity for me to allow others into my world as a magician.
I chose to perform rather than talk about it, or show a video.
Having only ten minutes really limited me in my choices of what I would perform.
I chose to go with my signature effect... The Cups and Balls...
I actually opened with the one finger clap opener I like. This warms the crowd up nicely and allows me to introduce myself. We have about 35 people in our networking group, so it was a nice sized crowd to perform for.
I performed the cups and balls. Many of these people have seen me perform some sort of "walk around" or "strolling" magic. Some card effects or coin effects. This was my chance to show them something a bit larger and to showcase my personality for them.
I must say I was overwhelmed by the response. When I revealed the oranges and the melon under my hat for the finish to the cups and balls. I got a spontaneous standing ovation. I really was not prepared for this lavish applause.
I will say that I truly enjoyed it though. I got warm all over... sadly, I blushed and really did not know how to respond. So I did what Dai Vernon recommends. I simply bowed my head and said thank you several times.
Later in the day I began to analyze what had happened and why.
I want to know how to create that moment again and again.
Not just for me and my ego, although it was very wonderful to bask in the glow of the moment. But I realize as I think on it that the audience enjoys the show more as well. When they give you or anyone a standing heartfelt ovation, they go away from the experience invigorated too. They perceive that "it" was better. (And maybe it was?)
I don't know? I was on a ten minute time crunch, and somewhere during the cups and balls routine, the timer told me I had a minute thirty left... I began to speak and move much quicker... maybe my speeding up helped create excitement?
I had a similar experience at my men's group doing a set of card tricks in the past. I drove home that evening wondering why that Standing 'O' happened.
Like I said, it is not so much about me trying to get more of them for my benefit, I just believe the audience goes away with a much larger feeling of the event. A more lasting impression.

Monday, June 06, 2011

Rain Or Shine

This what I love doing..

Happy Happy Birthday...

Our son Ryan turned 27 Saturday.
We celebrated by enjoying cigars and a fine meal.

We talked about going out to dinner somewhere, but instead purchased some great "eats" at Costco. Wonderful steaks, Prawns, and Scallops...
We cooked them all on the Big Green Egg...
Turned out really really good, better than the finest restaurant out there.
We figured the total cost to be about 50 to 60 dollars.
That's for five people. Imagine taking five people out to dinner and feeding them top quality Steaks, Prawns, Scallops, baked potato, and a salad, not to mention a few cold Corona's...

Let's say about 35 dollars minimum. That's what? 35 X 5 = 175... and tax, can't forget about the tax, oh, and a tip... hmm, probably can't enjoy a cigar anywhere anymore, not with all the petty laws we've enacted in the Great United States of America...
Sorry for that political rant,
Was a great meal and wonderful time...
27 year old Ryan Patrick Flynn...
Happy Birthday!

Saturday, June 04, 2011


I met a man named Bob Heinrich just about a year ago.....
well, I didn't actually meet him. Bob was selling a magic item on Ebay and I bought it. We began corresponding via email.
Bob was getting out of magic at age 62, can you believe it!
He had some other items for sale and thru corresponding I had some items he wanted.. getting outta magic, are you kidding? :)
So Bob and I made some trades, we each sold each other some items as well, and we have become very good friends although we have never met face to face/ We have spoken many times on the phone, exchanged video's of each other performing, yes performing. Somehow I have reached Bob and have lifted him up to where he is performing small shows in Delaware.
He blames me for his magic talents that have been unleashed onto an unsuspecting public.
Well recently he wanted to do something nice for me. Besides having a bit of magic talent, Bob is a wood worker. Having built a beautiful sail boat and other things, so... he made me a wooden Wizard.
Ain't he GRANDE!!!
I love him... My little Wizard of the North!

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Silent Mora & The Chinese Sticks

Here is a picture of the Great "Silent Mora"

He is a famous magician in magician circles.
Recently I purchased his set of Chinese Sticks on Ebay. They are beautiful, and very old. Notice the date on them.
Below is a picture of Silent Mora performing his Chinese Sticks routine.

Louis McCord is his real name.
Silent Mora did two acts, one in which he dressed in Chinese clothing and performed silently to music. Another was an act he did for club dates and dressed nicely in a tuxedo and used comedy and audience participation.
He was born in Allegheny, Pennsylvania in 1884. He died in 1972.
I do a Chinese Sticks routine and love it.