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Saturday, January 22, 2011

It's In The Blood...

Today I am giving blood... at Safe way no less... guess the old saying, "you can't squeeze blood from a turnip." might just be wrong today!
Our daughter Katie set this whole project up through her church.
It has been an ongoing process for her. She has worked REALLY hard to put this whole thing together.
I am really proud of her.
She is growing up WAY too fast... slow down, don't go so fast, Time waits for no one... time keeps on slippin', slippin'...
Oh, sorry... it's about the blood!
Actually Katie had 15 first time donars give blood!
That is awesome!
I heard that each persons pint is used on three different people somehow.
So, she has affected in a positive way many people!
Right on! TWO thumbs up... WAY UP!!!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

What's an Idea Worth?

My friend and magic buddy Mark Jensen planted a seed of an idea a couple of weeks ago while we were visiting and sessioning...
He mentioned that he had read an article by Master magician Roberto Giobbi.
Roberto said that in order to not forget all that you learn magically as you travel on this magical journey, that it might be a good idea to write down all the tricks (I don't know if it was just card tricks, as I have been unable to find the article)you know on individual cards,
thereby making a very magical deck indeed... and then every day you can shuffle and cut the "deck' and a trick that you know or in my case want to learn, or perhaps one from long ago that has fallen by the wayside because you have "moved" on can be worked for that whole day.
Well, me being me, I have begun this process. It is amazing how much "stuff" I know.
Not only have I written down card effects, but also certain card maneuvers or sleights that I need to Polish or keep polished, but also some coin magic as well.
I have decided not to write down things from my "larger" repertoire, although I have included some sleights necessary in some of my Parlor magic.
I think I have about 70 cards at present in this deck.
This might be Too large of a deck and am thinking that I might make two decks.
One for actual effects, or tricks, and one for coins and sleights.
And to keep from being bored with one trick all day... I am thinking it might be best to choose a card from each of the two decks.
As an entertainer in magic, I go thru a lot of cards. As they become worn out somewhat, or my decks shrink because of signed cards handed out as souvenir's to spectators... this allowed me to "get rid" of some of my cards and give them new life!

The Egg Table

A work in progress...
As our lives are. A constant evolving, changing thing... As Ideas come, we ponder, poke, and prod, discard and keep.
I built this table
a few years ago for my original Kamado "egg." Or Hibachi as my wife likes to call it. The original was a clay one from Japan that her father brought home from his many travels abroad. It sat in his garage for 40 years until we unearthed after his death. The elements were not kind to it and It began to crumble. I tried valiantly to save it, but alas, putting Humpty Dumpty back together again did not work.
So I sold something to buy something, you might say it was a trade... anyway we have a New "egg" and the table had some burn marks on it and I decided it would be nice if I covered it with porcelain tiles.
So here is my friend Jay Brunner
helping me with that project.
We needed to cover the table with some special "wood." Actually cement board.
Then we have to glue the tiles to the board after measuring and cutting to fit!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Wake Up Call

My wife woke me at 3 PM this afternoon...
She was whispering in my ear...
She was being quiet so as not to alarm me...
I said "yes"
She said some guy called wanting me to do magic for them tonight and did I know anything about it?
I replied that I did not, but maybe I did? hahaha... waking up to questions can get a guy in trouble... lol...
It was a last minute request from someone I met at a wedding I did some magic for back in August of 2010...
So, I called the gentleman and we worked something out. It was a walk around gig at a local bowling alley. I was kind of worried about having to yell, but was assured that this particular alley had about ten lanes set aside in a sort of private area.
So I did the gig, made some money, handed some business cards, missed the national championship game and enjoyed creating laugher and awe wherever I went!
NICE wake up call!

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year 1-1-11

Enjoyed bringing in the year at home with just My wife and Ryan.
Ryan and I enjoyed (?) a cigar and then stayed up just long enough to actually bring in 2011... I slept until about 8:15 A.M. and the alarm went off. Why my wife set the alarm??? I do not know!
Well, as the morning began I decided to find out if any stores were selling unfrozen turkeys!
Success with the first call at Safeway. .69 cents a pound!
I went and picked up a 16 pounder and fired up the Big Green Egg. man did that bird turn out excellent. As I was roasting the turkey, Eric and I enjoyed a cigar. The turkey took way less time than expected, I had to shut the 'egg' down to let it cook slower.
It was a fun day and I am learning bit by bit about this egg!

I invited my friend Mike and his wife Kimberly over for dinner. It was a very nice dinner and visit!