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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Gifts From Japan

Yesterday a large box arrived on our doorstep.
It was a package we had been expecting from our son Eric.
He had fore warned us it was coming.
As you can see he sent some beautiful Christmas gifts.
He spared no expense.
For Katie he sent her a very beautiful of two Kokeshi Dolls!
Also included for her is an interesting "stand" for them that has drawers and a place for them to be shown off!

Kokeshi dolls were first made in the Northern provinces of Japan, about 150 years ago. They were originally made as a toy for farm children. This simple wooden toy developed into a modern craft as the countryside developed culturally.
Having outgrown the status of being a toy for children, Kokeshi is now recognized as one of the traditional folk arts in Japan. They are hand made by skilled craftsmen entirely from wood-cutting, to painting. They have a simplicity and warmth that give them a special kind of beauty.
I received a fantastic Movado watch! This particular piece is a Movado Museum automatic wind watch. I have never owned a watch of this caliber. Simply elegant!
I have been wanting to get a really nice watch to wear when performing magic at stylish gigs. Now I have one.
For his mother, Eric sent a gorgeous chips & dip set that rests on a lazy Susan. Very Japanese!
Ryan's gift was only partially in the large box, his required separate packaging and shipping. We took Ryan to the airport this morning. He had to catch an 11:30 A.M flight back to Colorado, funny thing is, when we got back home, the post delivered a long slender package... yep, Ryan's gift! Two elegant Japanese swords! The stand had been packed in with all the rest of our gifts.
We will be most likely sending this on to Ryan in Colorado, but he may be driving here in the summer so that might be better.
Also included amongst the magical gift box from Eric in Japan... A hundred dollar gift card to a restaurant called Morton's, The Steakhouse!
That, along with an earlier gift card from El Gaucho's from my wife, means Joan and I will be enjoying a couple of very nice nights out on the town in 2010!
Eric is a Marine as you know. He also sent a really cool memento commemorating the battle of Iwo Jima.
The sand on this memento is from the Island of Iwo Jima!
I am not used to receiving gifts like this. I am used to being the giver of such, Eric has really humbled me.
Merry Christmas Eric, Thank you.
We love you!
Semper Fi!

Careful What You Ask For... Just Kidding

I sent out feelers about my Dec 19th performance at South Side Dance Force.
I have two email responses.
Both of which are spot on the mark!
Here is one from a friend named Mary:
"The show was wonderful. Your delivery of the performance was great and the stories added a lot to enhance the routine. You kept everyone entertained and astounded. I periodically checked around the audience and saw a lot of amazed audiences and of course lots of laughter. I did not see any lack of skills and I tried to look at the opposite hand, but could not keep my focus there. All of my friends and family were stumped and amazed (I had brought 8 people - of course 4 of them were from one family).

I do have one suggestion for you and I don't know if it is possible. You need some sort of portable platform to stand on. The people in the back could not see what you were doing at the table."

My Response:

Thank you Mary,
All great comments.
I have been trying to figure out how to have the people in the back see the table when I am performing on it. (Maybe just ask them to stand for the cups and balls?)
We actually had them sitting on raised platforms, I guess they weren't high enough. I will keep trying.
Maybe a combination of both, me raised as well as them?
Thank you again,
Happy New Year

This next one is from a magician friend of mine, so he looks at it thru magicians eyes!


What a wonderful treat to see you perform. We had a great time. We were thoroughly entertained. You seemed very natural performing. The hour long performance seemed to fly by.

There were a few things that I noticed that may or may not be of any consequence but here they are:

You made good eye contact with the audience.

I never really liked the chinese stick routine before because if you don't time it just right, ( if the hand pulling the tassle down doesn't syncronize exactly with the mechanical device, the effect is ruined.) You nailed it. Your timing was perfect on pulling the cord every time. One thing that confuses my logical mind happens at the beginning and at the end. It seems more logical to me to start the effect with one tassle down and maybe put the sticks away with one tassle down.)

Both my wife and I liked how you made the cups and balls your own effect. You seemed very relaxed doing it. The balls that you use in the cups and balls routine seem a too similar in color to the cups and your hands, so that I couldn't always follow whether they vanished or not. I suggest a contrast color.

You were caught looking at your set list a few times.

I liked how you involved the audience at the beginning of the vanishing bandana with a magicians oath. It may have seemed more natural if you yourself put the CD in the CD player.

The eggbag, as I remember was great. The only thing that I could suggest was maybe wear a shirt that wasn't black, as from where we were sitting in the back, I couldn't see the bag easily.

I liked the additions that you made to the rings routine. It flowed better than Tom's routine.

The floating card played well, I didn't even notice the mercury fold as I was caught in the moment.

The six card repeat was a nice addition to your repertoire.

I enjoyed seeing that sense of wonder on the faces of the audience as you performed.

I only wish I had the confidence to perform like that."

My response:

Thank you my friend for taking the time and effort to critique my show. I really appreciate your thoughts.
I especially like the idea of using a different set of balls for the cups and balls, I have been thinking the same things. Been thinking about a blue set of balls.
The black shirt and the egg bag... Good point, I wear the black shirt mostly because I am planning on the floating card trick, and it helps hide the black wand for a further distance to the sides...Maybe I should use the egg bag you bought for me? I will think about it! (Dobson's)

I used to have one cord wrapped around the Chinese stick and open that way, as to your thoughts on that... and I used to re wrap it around one stick at the end as well. I finally decided to heck with it because it is magic, and the sticks I use cost a lot and the cord seemed to get kinks in it because I would leave it wrapped for many weeks between shows as I do not perform often enough... however, if I was smart... I would just wrap it around one of the sticks just prior to performance, and after the show, go ahead and unwrap it and let it go back into the stick.
Thank you for making me ponder that, this is what critique should do! I have not liked that going into it and coming out of it either.

The mercury fold I try to do when I stick my tongue out when I say "have you ever seen slight of tongue?" Dan Harlan told me this is the off beat time to do it, everyone is laughing at my funny face with my tongue sticking out, guess Dan was right! :)

I tried something new with the C.D. during the Vanishing Bandanna trick. I actually made another copy of the c.d. and we had it primed in the c.d. player to try to minimize lapse of time between getting it out of the box, putting it in the c.d. player and the time it actually plays.
The idea was to hand the c.d. to someone, in this case my son, and simply have him mime the actions of putting it into the player.
Actually I like this idea, but we hadn't rehearsed it, in fact, Ryan was brought in to the idea late. It was going to be my nephew Lionel who put the c.d. in and do all that, but we realized from where he was filming, it wouldn't look very well choreographed. So we opted fro Ryan and we muffed it up.
Thanks for noticing! Haha.
The best laid plans of mice and men!

All I can tell you about getting comfortable is to perform, perform, perform!
Take any and all gigs and opportunities to show magic.
I did, and still do this.
I am uncomfortable everytime I get a walk around gig, but I force myself to take them and do them, once you start rolling... it's all good!


Happy New Year!

Seems everyone is always looking to the Next Year. I really enjoyed 2009.
I enjoyed good health, time with family and friends, great magic!
Went to my first World Magic Seminar in Las Vegas last March, spent time in Portland at the inaugural Portland Magic Jam. Took 3rd place in the stand up parlor competition, my first ever entry into competition!
My clown alley, Bigfoot Clown alley is growing leaps and bounds.
We hosted the Northwest Festival of Clowns in Olympia. I also entered a competition at this event, earning a silver medal.
Eric came home for a few weeks, Ryan was here as well.
My magic grew this year as I am becoming more relaxed and natural as an entertainer. My wife is doing well and Katie too. She has a drivers license now... look out world! :)
Katie and I spent time fishing the Puyallup river and that was a nice learning experience as well. We caught lots of Pink Salmon and smoked them up. They taste great, just sent some to Colorado as Ryan is sitting on a Southwest airlines plane as I type!
Joan and I travelled to Hawaii for the first time and enjoyed the white beaches!
Looking forward to 2010 as well.
Will be starting off the New Year with a new promotional DVD to send to prospective clients and who knows what will happen.
So all in all, for me it was a great year!
So what about 2010?
What plans and goals?
More and better magic, absolutely!
More travel? Absolutely!
More time with friends and family? You Bet!
A closer walk with God? Let's hope so!
Healing and repairing some old wounds? Sounds good!
Making new friends? Yes sir!
Solidifying old friendships? Now that is a for sure!
Touching lives, shaking hands, creating laughter, sharing love!!! Yes!
Happy New year!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Outta Shape

I went golfing yesterday with my long time friend Mike.
We played Druidsglen. The weather was very nice for this time of year! We teed off about 10:30 am...
Amazingly I parred the first three holes. The magic putter was working it's magic!
We were paired with a couple of men that were pretty good golfers. Both of them commented several times throughout the round about my putting.
Mike said later over a beer in the club house, "your putting is your equalizer!"
I guess that is a nice way of saying the rest of your game sucks! Haha..

I haven't golfed in a long while and am outta shape. I half walked and half rode around the course. Mike rented a golf cart and I used my pull cart. At times I hopped in the electric cart and dragged the pull cart, good thing. I am outta shape.
Oh, my score was an 88 from the blue tees... of course we took some liberty's as the greens were frozen and winter rules were in effect. It was a nice, crisp day and we had a wonderful time!
I was pretty stiff and sore the rest of the day, and the hot tub beckoned!

Magical Thoughts

Last night I atteneded my Clown Alley's business meeting, I am secretary of Bigfoot Clown Alley.
During the meeting, I was asked what do I do when someone who has seen my show wants to hire me for another performance, do I have a different show for them.
I recenty responded via email to that question.
Here is my response:

Hello Joyce,
Thank you for the nice words about my show last week,
I wanted to take a moment to share with you my thoughts about something you mentioned last night.
You asked me what other effects I would be able to show in a performance since someone might have seen all I have in my repertoire at that show.
In magic is a saying or quote, The difference between an amateur and a professional is, the amateur does different tricks for the same audience and the professional does the same tricks for different audiences. (or something like that)
I know you know what all that means without me going into a long dissertation... but basically in magic it is a catch 22 of sorts...
I mean, as you get into magic, you are new at it and must of course develop new material as you go along, generally your audience is going to be family and friends and so you are always learning new effects. At some point hopefully, you grow to the point that that is not the case and you develop a "standing" whereby people are hiring you to come perform for them.
People come to my show or see it and want to hire me for another venue. If I as an entertainer went into that show with a completely different group of effects, they might not enjoy it. They hired me based upon what they saw at a previous event or word of mouth.
Having said all that, I find it a lot of fun to add new effects into my shows. It keeps it fresh and exciting for me and also for my audiences.
It is also important to keep "polishing" the effects you already use and make them sparkle.
It also depends on the venue as well, for example, if I am hired to perform for a childs birthday party... The linking rings doesn't do much for them, for some reason... I also like the dove pan birthday cake finish to the show (which you taught me!), Developing different material as you know is time consuming, and difficult.
But very fun!
So, I have come to realize that a nice nucleus of effects is important.
For me, Cups and balls, Vanishing Bandanna, Egg Bag, Cut & Restored Rope, Chinese Sticks, and yes, the Linking Rings are my main stays. I have recently decided to add the silk effect using teh "T T."
Using these "Classic" effects I can build and tweak my performances to suit just about any audience.
I have also found it fun, and necessary to develop a lot of walk around material.
Card effects, coin effects, rubber band effects, and of course my love of the paddle move effects.
Again, as in developing a "stage' show, I have found it necessary to have a nice nucleus of close up effects to build around so that I don't become stale, but also to be able to "wow" my audience.
You never know when that certain magical effect will be available for use.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Fun

T'was the night before Christmas and we share it with McDowells...
Great food, and a few drinks as well.
We played some games, I did a couple of card tricks...
We have been enjoying Christmas evening with the McDowells for so many years I cannot tell exactly how many.
Always good food and fun times.

Christmas day we drove North to Kirkland, spent the afternoon with the Dowlings, Ellen is Joans' older sister... more good food and a relaxing Christmas day.


It is the day after Christmas... I have lots of projects to do... two weeks off from work...
I decided to go outside and work on getting the hot tub running, it has a red flashing light, meaning it is not working. I needed something warm to wear as it is really cold and windy outside. I opened the closet door, staring me in the face is an old warm up jacket. It was given to me by my younger brother about five years ago when I coached his son's team with him.
Ted is his name, he has been deceased 2 1/2 years now. Seems like yesterday.
I am saddened by his passing and all that went on during those days... A lot of hurt feelings, but mostly, I miss my brother. We had a lot of fun as brothers and friends.
Yes, we were great friends. We played together, enjoyed getting into and out of trouble together. We hared secrets, losses and victories. Ted was one of my greatest fans. He always cheered me on. In my magic endeavors and everything else.
His pet name for was James. He would say, goodonya James!
He really enjoyed coaching his youngest son with me. We made a great team. Ted was amazing. It is interesting how people always want what they see in others. I wish I had his wonderful, childish personality. Ted could walk in a room and instantly it was a funner, brighter place.
All this from looking at a jacket!? Strange nostalgia, isn't it?
It is Christmas time. I miss my immediate family, we do not get together anymore, too strained, always walking on egg shells, worrying about offending someone, sometimes it seems that some of us actually go out of our way to offend someone, weird...
The last several years I have enjoyed spending time with my in laws at Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Also been thinking about my mom too... I just started reading a Mitch Albom book, "For One More Day." It is a rather strange book, but brings up a lot of nostalgic thoughts...
Christmases past, hurts and victories.
My children are almost all grown up and I miss the times we shared when they were young.
Gotta move forward. No looking back!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I was recently skate boarding... and had a mishap...
The doctor couldn't repair the damage so now I have a big hole in my ear!


Monday, December 21, 2009

Wow, Magic!

I spent the weekend and Monday performing, teaching and learning magic!
Saturday morning my nephew Lionel, the film guru came over and we made a studio in my basement! It was really cool!
Lionel has a lot of creative ideas. He had lighting, cameras, and a rolling dolly, plus tons of enthusiasm!
It was a long day of setting up and preparing. Once that was ready, we began filming... close up magic shots of my hands shuffling cards, rolling coins and poker chips, doing magical things. We did this for a couple of hours, then it was time to pack up and head down to Kent to set up the South Side Dance Studio for a live performance of my show.
My son Ryan helped us set up the Dance studio. Setting out 40 chairs initially, and setting up risers and the two camera's and sound system and lighting. A nice backdrop as well.
We were hoping to get 40 people but we didn't know what would happen. I emailed everyone I know, Church, my clown alley, and used Facebook too, talked with people I work with at Boeing, cajoled and gave a shout out!
I was really tired prior to performing, trying to get psyched up, My Mojo was down, not a good thing when you are going to create a positive promo DVD.
I walked into the studio about 15 minutes before the performance to get something and was amazed by the turnout, about 40 people were already there! Right on, soon we needed more chairs, of course my son and Lionel were handling that, I was in another area mentally preparing, double checking things in my mind... soon Ryan and Lionel came into the waiting area and grabbed the few remaining chairs... A packed house of about 70 people greeted me when I came on stage! Wow.
I was tired but they were all fired up and wired up... Lionel told me later it was really cool when he was announcing me how the crowd was really amped up.
They amped me up!
People I hadn't seen in over 30 years came out, thanks to Facebook! Awesome!
Many people that had seen my show before were simply there to support me! What an awesome feeling it was to see the love!
We passed the hat so to speak, and it was a generous crowd. Covered the rental of the establishment and some money left over to pay for the caterer I had hired for Sunday's events.
Sunday Lionel arrived about 10 AM. and we got busy setting up for some in house studio performances. I had invited many people to come over to be a part of the audience. Again I was worried that no one would come. Many cancelled. I understand this, but still it is disappointing. Christmas time and all, who wants to give up a Sunday at this time of year. Soon some people did arrive, friends from up the street, a couple of other neighbors, the caterer, a man named Dave and his wife.
The caterer dropped the ball, or more accurately the pan of lasagna they were bringing... Dropped it right on his driveway as he was getting ready to bring it over, no five second rule there! :)
Him and his wife came with the Caesar salad, garlic bread and cake dessert, his wife went to Costco and bought three large pizzas... It's all good! :)
We had a great time with two cameras rolling, I was doing close up card work and several pieces from my stand up act. Some of my neighbors had never seen me perform, they were blown away! We had a lot of fun.
I am learning a lot as I do these projects. It is hard to get into a rhythm in this type of setting. I was trying to do my act, which flows, but when we stop and re shoot a piece, it throws me off. Really kind of weird. I have a greater respect for all those magicians who do this type of stuff.
We shot one "show" in the basement "studio."
Took a nice lunch break as the set was moved upstairs.
Since it is Christmas time, we used the natural setting of our tree and other decorations. I am excited to see how it turns out!
We had some different "audience"It was a lot of fun!
Man was I tired when everyone left about seven PM.
Went to bed at Ten, got up at quarter to six in the morning Monday...
Three shows today at Tahoma Jr. High School...
Excited and tired... gotta fire up!
The first class doubled immediately as another teacher joined the drama class.
Better and better!
I rocked in the A.M.
The students and teachers were over joyed. A great show, we connected!
The second class wasn't the same energy, more subdued, but still, we had fun.
The third class was the most raucous... the after lunch crowd.
A lot of fun and I believe we may have gotten some great footage of crowd reactions!
A long day... three days long day!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Video Weekend

It is after 7 am, Saturday..
Couldn't sleep last night, a combination of things..
Working 3rd shift and trying to turn it around for the weekend, tried to stay up all day Friday, instead, I fell asleep on the couch a couple of times, an hour here,an hour there... Got magic and video on my mind...
Shooting close up video today in our home, later, at 7 pm... a show in Kent.
I'm not nervous, just all kinds of thoughts keeping my mind occupied.
Ryan arrived Thursday as well. That is wonderful!
I haven't been blogging much lately, magic on the mind, keeping me busy... recently got several "comments" here that were negative and anonymous to say the least.
Have been pondering what I truly want to put on this blog? More thoughts of an in depth nature? Or is it fine just mostly writing surface stuff?
Who is reading it anyway? The faithful 3 and 1/2 ? Lol..
Going to put some coffee on in a minute, shower, and get the day rolling... Tomorrow will be an all day magic shoot here at the homestead as well. We have invited many people over to be "audience" members... I am catering the day with Lasagna and Caesar salad, it is funny that I met a couple of magicians at Pike Place Market two weeks ago, and they own a catering business... I was planning on buying pizza for t he day, but it dawned on me that I would rather support them!
Monday will include three shows at a local Junior High School, in their drama dept. All of this will be videod as well.
Trying to put together a nice promo DVD.
Christmas is almost upon us, Thinking about life and Eric and so on...
Daughter is driving now, Ryan may soon be nmarried..
Lots of thoughts....
Life is fragile and short...
Get Busy Living, or Get Busy Dying!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Happy Day, Happy week!

Ryan arrived from Colorado today! Right on!
He will be here til the 31st!
Ryan is looking good, very broad shouldered and grown up!
Eric will not be here again this year, he just celebrated(?) his 23rd birthday.
He is in Japan this Christmas.
I have been prepping for the upcoming weekend that will be very magical!
Saturday night a one hour show at South Side Dance Force, Sunday will be video in my home all day and Monday will have three shows at Tahoma Junior High School's drama dept. All this will be video taped to put together a dvd for sending out to potential clients!
My nephew Lionel Flynn is in charge. He graduated recently from an acting school.
He will be filming and producing the project.
I am beginning to think how tiring this all will be, but also a lot of fun!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

How Much Time

do I spend a day on magic???
I was recently asked that question by a clown alley member... they all think I have great chops... maybe.... but I think I have a loooooong way to go!
I replied after thinking for a moment, about three hours. Well, maybe, maybe not...
It all depends on what one means by working on magic. Does it mean the actual, physical handling of magic props? Shuffling cards, practicing sleights, practicing your material? Or does it also include measuring & cutting fabric to make a back drop for a photo shoot to be made into a promotional video? Or does it also include reading a book on magic, studying a dvd of magic performance on how to enhance your shows?
May it include some phone conversation with a magic friend or mentor???
Lately my mind has been on magic seemingly 24/7.
Getting ready for an upcoming weekend of magic, a show Saturday night, Sunday will be hours of video and rehearsal in my home with live and staged audiences. Monday the following day I will be doing three performances for a Junior High Schools drama dept. This to will all be video footage.
Spending time talking and planning with the project producer and more...
How much time do I spend a day on magic?

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Brrr, It is really Cold out!

It's a good thing it is so very dry... if there was any moisture in the air with this cold... my oh my would there be some accidents!
Last year at this time I think there was lots of snow on the ground...
I am reminded of an excellent book I read last year.. 1776... A great read and really makes you appreciate this country and what people went thru to secure it from Britain.
The cold they endured was numbing, many died in it, standing guard or simply at there post. We are so spoiled, running water, running HOT water. In door plumbing, flush toilets, and on and on...
Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

The Eleven of Diamonds???

We had our Christmas clown alley party/meeting tonight...
We had good food, and a white elephant Christmas gift exchange...
After the gift exchange we had "open Mic!"
Not many participated in the open mic... Sean Melicher is an excellent photographer and showed off a nice slide show of his work, Michael Velling followed that up with a great hat routine, rolling that hat all over his body, and then he had some fun with clapping and making fun noises with his mouth, ah the clowns.. Pennie and Joyce did a fun and funny skit with an orange attached to a string. I followed that up with a new effect I am thinking of putting in my act. It is "Standing Ovation" by Bill Malone. It went great!
I chose a young lady to be my assistant and had her take an invisible deck into the audience for someone to choose a card. She chose a young boy of about eight. When I asked him what card he chose, he froze... I asked him to describe it for me, still no response, am I panicking yet???
I told him to visualize his selection, finally he said it is red and kinda pointy, I said, Oh, it's a diamond? He replied, Yes... I asked what number it was, he said the eleven!
Eleven, really... the eleven of diamonds? Yes was his response, I said, well that's amazing cuz there is no eleven, but there is a ten and after that is the Jack, is it the Jack of diamonds?
We all agreed it was the Jack... too funny, The ending was great and all worked out... Geesh... Are you kidding me!
What next? :)

Monday, December 07, 2009

Ferry Boat Ride...

Saturday I found myself hooking up with a clown friend of mine... Glitterbug!
I met her at the Auburn Denny's and she was gracious enough to giv eme a lift to Seattle as we had an appointment on one of Seattles Ferry boats for a special event! Performing and entertaining for some "special" people!
Susan ans I were the first of hundreds to arrive, we found our way onto the boat. But before that, I did some impromptu magic for some of the ferry boat workers, I perfomed the Jumping Gems for them and they loved it... smiles all around! Now that's a good start to the day!
We spent about four hours aboard the ferry boat performing for handicapped people and non hadicapped alike. The cut and restored rope received rave revues, people asking me to "do that again" for their friends and family members.
It was a good event and well attended by many clowns, and a live band. Our alley had perhaps six clowns helping out, all volunteering their time, Rainshine, Violet, Glitterbug, Peaches, Pennie, and Jan Gee...
It was kind of chilly on the boat, glad we were inside!

Friday, December 04, 2009

The Hideout

Tom and Nash arrived just after 5 pm at our home. Katie and her friend Amanda were very excited to meet Tom. A "real" magician! haha..
Katie had a fun rubber band puzzle for Tom and Nash, not a trick really, more of a brain teaser... We had fun for the couple of hours they were over. We played some basketball on our sport court out back, man it was really cold! Nash and i had sort of an old standing bet, or score to settle on the b-ball court... seems about four or five years ago... Nash was a HUGE sonics fan and well... he kind of spouted off to me about whoopin' me at basket ball... I asked him if he wanted to play for fifty bucks?! This raised some eyebrows in the room at the time... Steve Ameden, Tom Frank and some others were there... looking at me, this old man of about 45 or 46 and the young guy of 23... Nash is about five foot five... I'm 5 foot eleven. I have been playing basketball longer than Nash has been breathing... I've played in mens leagues for years, often was the leading scorer on those teams..
I know what I know...
Well, it was cold out... I asked Nash what he wanted to play to... He said, "five." I said how bout eleven... we compromised on six...
The score was six to two...
actually we played a bit longer and the score soon became 8 to two...
But I must say, I had home court advantage!
Yes it was 8 to 2 in my favor... was there ever any doubt! Whhoowahh!
Nash is a gracious young man, he is also the inventor of a killer magic effect called Color Fusion, he autographed a dvd of his effect for me... I Love the inscription!
like that's going to help him...

I BBQ'd hamburgers and we ate, and then left to go to Brian Masters... we picked him up and drove to Seattle, going out dancing at the "Hideout."
The Hideout is basically a hole in the wall. A small bar with not much room, I am glad smoking isn't allowed in bars any longer, well, I do have some political thoughts on that... but I'll save that for another time!
We met up with several people from Tom's past when he lived here in Seattle, a dancing instructor and a dancing partner... it was a fun night out.
Magic and music! The band was literally on fire!
Some old magic friends, we closed the place down, I took the night off work to enjoy some friendship time, Becky and Tom couldn't wait to get started, they were dancing on the side walk. Brian and Nash, well they wanted to session all night long. After the band left, the place cleared out pretty good, giving us magicians some "quit" time to session on our own.
It was a good round robin affair!

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Whoo Hoo

My brother Tom is arriving tomorrow... didn't know I had a brother Tom didja!? Haha.
My friend and magic mentor Tom Frank is coming to town for a couple of days to do some high class, black tie affair in Seattle!
I saw him a few months ago, but it is exciting that he is coming to Seattle. He has so many people that are fired up to see him!
Him and Nash will be arriving at my bungalow about 5pm, a quick dinner and off and running. A magic packed weekend.